How to Stop Coughing Naturally, Most Natural Cough Relief

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What happens during coughing is we lose too much CO2 and carbon dioxide is very important for healing of our airways, for the normal work of our urge-to-cough receptors: because when we hyperventilate, and this is exactly the case, according to many medical studies, for people with COPD, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and other conditions, these people have reduced amounts of CO2 in their airways and that causes irritation of their urge-to-cough receptors. And therefore, they have chronic problems with coughing. Apart from that, heavy breathing (or hyperventilation) reduces oxygen level in body cells. And that causes suppression of the immune system: because when we develop cell hypoxia or tissue hypoxia, we start to generate free radicals in body cells, due to anaerobic respiration of our cells. So, oxygen is very fundamental for our health. And hyperventilation causes exactly the opposite effect. Therefore, people with chronic coughing are going to benefit from very simple breathing exercises, which are going to be explained next. The very first step is to learn how to cough only through your nose. So, you keep your mouth closed and start coughing only through the nose. The next step is to learn how to cough with your mouth and with your nose closed. That means you close your nose and try coughing this way. This way, you are going to have about normal concentrations of CO2 in your airways, and that’s going to calm down your urge-to-cough receptors. In addition, there is a third exercise, which is called the “reduced breathing exercise”. And this reduced breathing exercise will teach you how to breathe a little bit less air, so that you have more carbon dioxide, more CO2, which improves oxygen transport. And eventually, when you achieve about thirty seconds for the body oxygen test, you are going to eliminate inflammation, in a significant degree, and your bouts of coughing will disappear completely.

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  1. I've been trying for many months to extend holding my breath but I am only able to hold for approx 20sec even with much practice, am I missing something? TIA

  2. i quit smoking in Y2K and when I smoked, I never had too bad of a cough. Whe I quit though it really took off. I've had a chronic cough ever since. I suck Ricola's like they're going out of style and Robitussin Cough Gels work for awhile but when they wear off it's back to the coughing, tight chest and shortness of breath. I discovered Artour's tutorial and within 2 days I'm happy to report that my cough has abated by a good 90%. The lung tightness is virtually gone. Thank you Artour.

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  4. That was amazing, I stopped coughing, I was coughing for three days and it just went away. Thanks you so much.

  5. Thanks Alot. But iT Really Hurts When iKeep My Mouth Closed And Nose. What Do iDo About Runny Nose And Sore Throat While Coughing

  6. Thank you so much, its just amazing ,could you please tell me how many times and precisely how many minutes one need to do it in a day. I do get into quite a lot of coughing in the morning during brushing my teeth, and at times just after i had lunch or dinner but the morning coughing is really bad, but after doing your exercises i am doing much better, please let me know what else can be done!
    Thank you once again'

  7. @Artour Rakhimov
    Thank you so much, its just amazing ,could you please tell me how many times and precisely how many minutes one need to do it in a day. I do get into quite a lot of coughing in the morning during brushing my teeth, and at times just after i had lunch or dinner but the morning coughing is really bad, but after doing your exercises i am doing much better, please let me know what else can be done!
    Thank you once again'

  8. As the video says, you need to increase your body O2 content up to about 30 seconds. Then you will be free from coughing and many other symptoms and problems that you likely have now. See the playlist on this channel or visit NormalBreathing site for details related to this body O2 test and what else you need.

  9. This is another reason for you to breathe slower and less: you get more O2 in cells and less smoke at the same time.

  10. Humidity can work miracles. For the reason that the cilia still work, which allows for mucus circulation – this will help the sinus cavities to empty. To accomplish this, produce a tent using a towel over your head and inhale the vapourfrom the steaming water. Taking a warm shower for a short while might help the problem too. This ideally should be done on two occasions every day.

  11. Oh my.. I just used your approach to stop a coughing fit… I fucking worked….
    As a chronic cough-er for close to 20 years (none smoker)… I just tried your technique…. I new I needed to increase my co2 by gently surprising oxygen.. breathing and coughing through my nose…. It fucking worked…. one minute later I felt normal… no tickling no next coughing bout…… Maybe that was just lucky.. I'll let you know…. AT THIS POINT……. WHERE DO I SIGN? so smart you are.. thank you!

  12. @Artour Rakhimov Thanks, I haven't experienced nose allergies and a stuffy nose for the past 2 weeks! I am aware that the idea of this is to breathe less air, so that there's more O2. However, do you exhale longer than you breath? Also, can you explain to me why breathing less air causes more O2 levels? (Lot's of people tell me that deep breathing is healthy as you are breathing more oxygen and so that they're more oxygen)

  13. For explanation and hundreds of studies (why breathing more reduces body O2), see the main site NormalBreathng.
    You can try to exhale longer but with less than 20 s for body O2, it is hard.

  14. O my god, this video was amazing.
    Even before I got to the part about reduced breathing, I tried it. Breathe in nose, gently out mouth. But reduce how much air you breathe in.
    Worked instantly. I'm not coughing nonstop like before. I'm not coughing AT ALL.

  15. If you want to bulk up, you should Google "Max Muscle Booster". That can help you get the body you deserve.

  16. It's 11pm and I'm trying this bc I have a debate tomorrow and I'm so scared and nervous! This technique seems to help for small periods of time

  17. Thank you!This has helped me quite a bit- had a very choking cough all day. Have I got this right:   pinch nose, hold breath, breathe in through nose ( small), exhale ( through nose) relaxing the body. Repeat all (including nose pinch) for about 2-3 mins.

  18. I've had a chronic cough,  and this is the only thing I've found that helps.  Haven't got anywhere close to doing it 'properly' ( hard not to want a big breath on first attempts as it feels like a panic attack coming on….so I'm doing a modified version).  Straight spine and closed mouth in themselves help. So impressed.

  19. Thank you so much! I get transient asthma following colds, and take FOREVER to get rid of the cough. This actually confirms a few things that I have had success with when I finally start getting it under control. I didn't know coughing with my mouth shut might actually help. I can't use the last technique in full because I am panic attack prone, but a slow and gentle meditation does seem to help as a substitute. I will focus on these techniques for the next week, and see if I can break the cough and make the asthma go away until next cold. 🙂

  20. I am not sure I understand this. Need to research it. If what Artour is saying is true why aren't people who do anaerobic exercise like jogging and hyperventilate for a long time develop a cough like the people with asthma, COPD and the other medical conditions he listed? Can you stop your cough by increasing the CO2 level in your airways by breathing in a paper bag 6 to 12 times maximum to be safe which will make you breath in CO2? It would be a lot easier than the exercises he recommends. Or does drinking club soda which has CO2 help as well?

  21. I am not sure of the cause of COPD emphysema in my case. I smoked pack a day for 12 or 13 years, but quit 40 years ago. I have been an outdoor person all my adult life. Coughing started last summer producing thick mucus, greenish tint to clear. I tried prednisone and antibiotics, but no change. X-rays are negative, heart lungs and blood and serum chemistries all are normal. I have lung calcification from childhood bout with histoplasmosis. I am 75 years old and retired.My current doctor directed me to totalcureherbsfoundation .c om which I purchase the COPD herbal remedies from them ,they are located in Johannesburg, the herbal treatment has effectively reduce all my symptoms totally, am waiting to complete the 15 weeks usage because they guaranteed me total cure.

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