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Okay so here’s what happened it’s 3:00 a.m. I can’t sleep because
of the snoring I think I definitely need to make a video about how to stop snoring so one in four of us are snoring culprits giving our bodies, friends and partners a hard time so on this holiday we’ve got one, two, three, four, five so basically none of us are gonna sleep when we go to sleep the muscles in our
throat and neck relax which cause the airways to narrow so now the air has to
be pushed out which causes the soft tissue to vibrate and rattle causing the snoring sound first let’s start with some new research that involves
strengthening your throat muscles now you have to do it three times a day for three months and the research showed that it reduced snoring by 36% and it reduced the
power of snoring by a massive 59% Dave can you come and help me show the viewers the exercises of snoring “Yeah sure” okay Dave so exercise one, you push the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and you push the tongue backwards so, like so that’s very nicely done Dave “Thank you” so exercise two, you suck the entire tongue against the
hard palate 20 times exercise three, push the bottom of your tongue against the floor of the mouth and push the tip against your teeth 20 times exercise four, open your
mouth really wide and push your soft palate up and say ahh 20 times exercise five, place your finger inside your mouth and push your cheek muscles outwards 10 times per side exercise six, whenever eating alternate the
side of your mouth that you chew with and swallow using your tongue against the
palate now some easy lifestyle tips so tip 1 sleep on your side if you’re used to
sleeping on your back your tongue, chin skin and fat around here relax which can
make you more prone to snoring tip 2 avoid alcohol during bed because it
relaxes muscles of the soft palate and the throat which narrows airways tip 3
quit or cut down smoking cigarette smoke irritates the linings of your nose and
throat which causes a buildup of catarrh and swelling all of this again narrows
the airways and makes you more likely to snore now I’ve left even more tips in the
description below so feel free to check it out and that’s the end of the video
I’m now gonna go back to my holiday but it’s really important to see a health
care professional if these tips and exercises don’t work or if snoring is
having a big impact on your life or your partner’s life and one last thing before
I go if you’re feeling sleepy during the day or you’re making gasping or choking
sounds during the night when you’re asleep then you could potentially have a
condition called sleep apnea which can be very serious it’s not treated so make
sure you see a healthcare professional about this thanks for watching let me
know what you thought of this video by leaving a comment below and if you have
any of your own tips then leave a comment too because I’d love to read it
now I’m gonna go back to my holiday hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay
up to date with new weekly videos 20 times, aahhh, aahhh, aahhh Dave we all know you’re married alright, you don’t need to tell everyone (LAUGHTER) (CLICKING SOUNDS) (LAUGHTER)

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