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today in our hurrisafety video we are
going to teach you how to survive an asthma attack without an inhaler did you
guys know that today’s world hasn’t it down for you a regular straw is what is
what it would feel like to breathe through when your lungs are functioning
normally so I feel like you’re breathing through a regular straw so breathing
through a coffee straw ha even while the raisin understand that have you guys
ever had or know someone who’s had an asthma attack that’s sounds really scary
so obviously guys this is not a replacement for medicine or at one of
these is that – no it’s an inhaler well how I know if someone’s having an asthma
attack well there are three stages of an asthma
attack mild moderate and the worst one is severe well how do I know the
difference if someone is having a mild asthma attack
they will still be able to have conversation Oh weirdo now if someone is having a
moderate asthma attack they’ll have difficulty breathing and
speaking you need to call an ambulance then but trying to tension slow while
waiting for huh okay but things are serious when someone’s having a severe
asthma attack they will not be able to breathe and they certainly will not be
able to speak and that’s when you need to get in the car and immediately take
them to any are these tips can be very very helpful for someone that’s having a
mild or moderate asthma attack use heavy air filters avoid a lot of
carpet in your house of course no smoking and take anti inflammatory cells
if no burn to start a steaming hot shower and allow the bathroom to fill
with standing and send water sit in the back and it helps t duct tape remember
sit down get it to the rescue position like this it’s really important that you
stay calm breathe in and out very slowly do you like what I have to do with you
and money like every day tip number four drink two to three cups of
room-temperature water back back you do this to reduce dehydration dehydration
causes more mucus yeah it’s gross but it makes it really
hard to break so seriously staying hydrated when you’re having an asthma
attack is important tip number open a window or go outside
why are you trying to enjoy it and happy if you get away from the
irritants your attack won’t get worse tip number six okay this is gonna sound
a little weird but it works if you don’t believe us
look at the millions of views on this particular YouTube video it’s the thing
caught binaural beats binaural beats like mom’s beats headphones know it’s
something that you listen to that calms down your brainwaves and makes it easier
to breathe a little crazy yeah I worked tip number sin puts peppermint oil on
the inside your wrists allow anything all right
and inhale slowly change it I can better already
drinking or eating hot things like poppy or chicken noodle soup provides
immediate relief that was number eight just us right now it’s gonna be guess
we’re nothing extra no dancing it so like I guess nothing sorry whoa now this
one drowns ups okay reach under the armpit can I want you
looking for is a lump under the arm like an easier nothing like want it yeah when
you find it you apply pressure and massage gently ah number ten it’s called
reflexology owe me money and you jump back with your recess no reflexology is
when you do massage therapy you’re gonna take
you so you’re gonna take your foot and take it up and apply pressure in the
deep middle parts let me get it soon let me demonstrate on – take its dirty
little foot okay so those are ten tips so there are
a couple ways you can reduce ever have having an asthma attack ever in the
first place don’t forget to regularly change the air
filters in your home maybe once every three months and lots of heats it here’s
that word again phlegm eat a lot of non phlegm producing citric fruits maybe
banana or gray no citric fruit chucklehead like oranges lemons
pineapples never have your mama taught you what they actually for people who
has asthma it’s true you need to take omega-3
vitamin b6 vitamin b12 and vitamin C all those little ramen for this information
that’s it oh one more point you could also eat
foods that are rich in omega-3 one movie six vitamin b12 and vitamin C so it was
your favorite tip to save a life or come to wind down maybe you guys have other
tips put it in the comments below remember sharing is caring
but seriously sharing this with someone who has asthma could save their life and
remember you can get that free printable at per 60 video that’s all hey remember to
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