How To Take Levothyroxine Properly | Best Way To Take Thyroid Medication | When To Take Synthroid

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Are you or someone you know getting the most out of your thyroid medication? well at the end of this video I promise you, you’re gonna know everything you need to know first a few facts about hypothyroidism which basically means low thyroid levels it’s quite common it affects 1 in 70 women and 1 in 1,000 men in the UK symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, sensitivity to the cold and many more so to restore thyroid levels in our body levothyroxine and similar medicines are prescribed and here’s how to take it for best results lots of patients ask me this and there’s actually quite a lot of conflicting advice online so as long as you haven’t been directed differently by a prescriber then here’s what I recommend tip 1 if you don’t take any medication first thing in the morning take it as soon as you wake up ideally 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast or any caffeinated drinks and this is my favourite mug and here’s a fun fact for everyone pharmacists love these kind of facts so if there’s any watching I hope you enjoy it so some studies show that food reduces the absorption of levothyroxine by up to 20% so that’s why we say take it on an empty stomach and that’s the fact I hope you enjoyed it tip 2 thyroid medication isn’t usually taken at night because some people find it difficult to fall asleep now it’s probably due to the relationship between the adrenal hormone cortisol and the hypothalamus pituitary axis which regulates all hormones in our body and that includes thyroid stimulating hormone tip 3 avoid taking your thyroid medication at the same time as your calcium supplements, iron supplements and antacids as these will also reduce its absorption but fear not you can still take these medicines but wait at least 4 hours after taking your thyroxine before you take them I’ve also left a link in the description below with all the
medicines that interact with levothyroxine so feel free to click on it tip 4 soya isn’t on that list but it can stop levothyroxine from working properly so if you do eat it regularly or take any soya supplements it’s worth letting your doctor know so they can do extra blood tests kelp isn’t on that list either but trust me it is a good list for medication interactions kelp contains iodine which can make an under-active thyroid worse so avoid eating it if you’re taking levothyroxine tip number 6 always let your pharmacist know that you taking levothyroxine especially when you’re starting a new medicine or you’re buying something over the counter because they can then check if there’s any interaction if you have any friends or family who take thyroid medication help them get the most out of their medicines by teaching them what you’ve learnt today or if that takes too long just like, share and tag them in hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
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up to date with new weekly videos you’re going to know everything you need to know I hope you don’t mind you might be in the video ok with that? no come in its fine it doesn’t matter if you walk past sensitivity to the cold…….. if you can see him he’s got good muscles he works them out quite frequently but still not as good as my muscles

100 thoughts on “How To Take Levothyroxine Properly | Best Way To Take Thyroid Medication | When To Take Synthroid

  1. RN from the US here, love the video! I too am passionate about educating. You did a great job Abraham!
    I was looking for videos on Med admin schedules if any. I’m on a lot and I find it difficult to time out my meds perfectly, and I take several that can compound each other. Levothyroxine, adderal, metformin, tramadol (37.5mg low dose), birth control, and other stuff.
    Curious about the reason why kelp or iodine won’t help or worsen a low thyroid (I’m aware of causes of hypo and why it won’t help, but how can iodine make it worse??)

  2. I had to turn the caption on because of the British accent 😂 I'm a fresh PharmD graduate and i'm interested in patient education and you are indeed inspiring me a lot!!🙌🏼 keep up the great work! God bless you!🙏🏻✨

  3. A side effect of levothyroxine is weight loss. I went from 155 lbs to 112 lbs using this med. It also made my joints very sore.

  4. Also, WALNUTS interact with Levothyroxine. Very important to note and not eat. I know, I know, they’re delicious.

  5. This is bullshit, I've had thyroid disease for ten years and have always done everything this guy says and I still feel bad and continue to gain weight even after cutting gluten and only eating one small meal a day, it bullshit t4 alone is not the answer thyroid patients need t3 as well but fucking doctors won't prescribe it

  6. Is there a way of how can I get rid of thyroid medicines and heal my thyroid properly pls reply asap ….pls pls pls

  7. Is it normal for your thyroid medicine to cause throat pain? I feel like there is something stuck in my throat and the doctors don't understand why!

  8. I've been on 50mcg of levo for a month now every evening. I didn't realise that my sleep supplement was possibly affecting my absorption of the levo because it contains calcium. I have started taking it in the morning now which works better for me because I Intermittent fast and don't eat until 2 pm..I hope this new routine helps. I'm tired of my hair falling out and my lips constantly feeling dry!

  9. Entertaining!!! And informative. Thank you. I didn’t know about the kelp and I’ve been taking both. Buuuuutttt. I’m on 150 mcg of this med and it makes me damn sleepy!!! Yes, it makes me sleepy. It’s not even working, anyhow but just love this video and I’m going to subscribe. Thanks for sharing.

  10. So… my doc said I can't eat whole wheat bread or unpeeled fruits for FOUR HOURS after taking levothyroxine. Fact is even if I managed to skip the whole wheat toasts I would still eat an apple 3 hours after breakfast so.. I can't seem to fit it in. I do weight lifting I need my protein in every meal…. Would it be ok to take it after breakfast when my tummy starts crying for food again? Night would be ideal… but I don't have much time between last meal and bedtime… I'm seriously considering an alarm at 3am by this point.

  11. Sir i have hypothyroidism and I use thyroxine 100 mcg.
    Will I take the tablet with water or normally i.e after taking tablet can i drink water?
    After taking tablet will I sleep again?
    Can I take fast food?
    Please reply sir…

  12. What about fiber… I start my day with water and glucomannan (a water-soluble fiber) to avoid fiber supplements with sugar and artificial sweeteners.

  13. Could someone tell me why my hair is getting oily and greasy since I've taken thyroid medication?? ( my hair has always been dry and now I can handle it it's really greasy). Thank u ❤️

  14. I have been suffering from hypothyroidism for 10 years now. I have yet to find a dosage that works for me. I take it on a empty stomach I wait a hour sometimes more to eat. My numbers are either told high or too low….I gain weight with each new MCG I am prescribed. I just had to do labs again Friday to check my hormones this time because my doctor said my T4 was low (which never happened before). I am still asking to be put on armour but she is hesitant. I have visited every endocrinologist in my area they all say my numbers are "fine" but I still have all the symptoms. It is frustrating to have this illness.

  15. I have no thyroid because it was removed because of cancer I am on 200mg levothyroxine I feel dreadful fatigue, hair loss, scaly skin, weight gain. My tsh levels are out of whack!. Why in England are they not testing T3 and also is it true that T3 medication government can’t fund anymore because it’s an expensive drug???!!. I’m am one of those suffering because they won’t prescribe T3 like they use to. Thank you sorry fro the long comment.

  16. I have to get up in the middle of the night. That's when I take mine. Then go back to bed for an hour or two. Better uptake on very empty tum.

  17. I had been on 150mcg levothyroxine for 6 months since my tsh was 35.0p..I just went to do thyroid function test and my tsh is now 0.02 meaning I have become hyperthyroid..what is wrong ? Is it a side effect? Or my thyroid is now producing its sufficient hormones and the levothyroxine is now adding additional ones? Please help

  18. Started taking it this morning (subclinical hypothyroidism) while on intermittent fasting . Doctor said to take it after breakfast.. Im also on a weight loss program . Shouldve had doctors check up much earlier . Thanks for the vid :))

  19. I didn’t realise about kelp! Arrgh stopping that now. Do you know if vitamin d3 and k2 interact with it? They are the only other suppliments I take

  20. I am pharmacist I have also my own Youtube channel PHARMACARE support my channel✌️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳

  21. thank you for posting this video Abraham.
    this may be the first med that i seen with instructions to take on empty stomach. lol
    very helpful. thank you.

  22. I just started this medication today, my doctor told me yesterday I had hypothyroidism after reviewing my blood test results, I forgot what a thyroid even was. Definitely shocking. Ugh, it’s caused me so far to feel extremely lethargic which is unfortunate because my job requires me to be alert. And I’m sorry if I’m ignorant but do we have to wait four hours after taking the pill to eat basically ANYTHING with iron in it? Or does it just refer to iron supplements? Isn’t iron in just about most foods? Basically I want to know what I’m allowed to eat 30 minutes after taking the pill. Thanks!

  23. Hi! Love your videos! But I got a question. I'm a pharmacy student and I don't understand how taking an iodine supplements can make hypothyroidsm worse?

  24. I take 25 g of levothyroxine a day I'm 13 Male and quite large how do I lose weight I gain weight so fast

  25. Question

    I had radioactive iodine treatment and had to have this thing on top of me from head to toe and it felt like a magnet my eyes felt very pulled out and uncomfortable 😣 so please tell me if these are indecaters of Graves' disease? I was over active before all this

  26. Hi , my tsh is normal and my gynae prescribed thyroxine to lose weight , I am obese atm after my first child’s birth no exercise or diet seemed to help. My question is will my body get used to of this med ? What will happen 1) if I fall pregnant while taking the med or ) when I stop taking thyroxin say after 3 months

  27. I couldn't see the medication interaction list because its only available for viewing in the UK :/

  28. from what i read thuroid meds make u gain more weight if taken with diabetes med ex janumet…what about if u work nyt shifts? is it ok to take it before u go to work instead of day time

  29. Watched three videos and am immediately hooked! You're great! I have never heard of a prescribing pharmacist. I am in the U.S. and don't think we have this here. How long has there been prescribing pharmacists in the UK? Love the bloopers…adds levity…in just the right amount. You know your medicine! From a new subscriber!

  30. Can we have ACV when we have Hypothyroid. And if yes then can we take it empty stomach before taking thyroxine?

  31. New subscriber here. I do exactly what you said. Thank you for sharing! By any chance, do you have any tips on losing weight with thyroid?

  32. i startd my levothyroxine now 26 days.does inatke of levothyroxine causes any delay in periods to come..usulay have an 28 29 days periods interval..

  33. Thank you so much just to say everything you said to do I been doing the opposite , I'll try your way now , no-one tells you these things, first time I saw your channel , subbed

  34. I was 16 when diagnosed (I'm now 44) and was never sat down and really told anything from my GP other than the dosage! I originally went as I was exhausted at school all the time and then a lump came up on the front of my throat so I was originally tested for glandular fever (as I had not weight at all in fact I was a skinny underdeveloped child). I have annual blood tests but now I'm starting to get menopausal symptoms (my mum went through hers in her late 40s) so I'm wondering how this will effect my thyroid levels or vice versa.

  35. I been on levothyroxin 25mcg for over 2 months and I finally am getting period but I’m getting such bad cramps they feel like poop cramps not period ones but when I try to use the bathroom I don’t poop. So I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s affecting my work I’m having to leave early due to my cramping. Anyone have this problem?

  36. My question is why is my hair still falling out and what component in Synthroid causes hair loss ??

  37. Iodine makes a slow thyroid worse?? That's contrary to everything I have researched recently. I'm replacing Levothyroxine with iodine supplement drops and ditching the big pharma meds.

  38. I've taken minds around 4:30 am to 5 am and it's worked for me but my doctor's told me to take it early but I started taking it at specific time period because once I get dressed for work, I would forget so I made it a bathroom call moment.

  39. As a pharmacy tech, I'd love to work with such a fun dude… zomg… lol, what if you take it in the morning but wind up falling back asleep? TT___TT for only like an hour? just to try to keep it in the morning and away from food………

  40. I'm on Levothyroxine and Liothyronine. I take the Levo at night and the Lio in the morning, I also take fibromyalgia medication in the morning. I usually have coffee pretty much first thing in the morning because it helps get rid of my morning headache.

  41. I'm facing too much hair loss after hypothyroid my ferritin level is low and also white hair problem . You don't talk about it

  42. Hold up so if I take metformin in the morning and pro vitamin d plus and my linagliptin in the morning should I not take my levothyroxine at same time ??

  43. I take Levothroxine for my under-active thyroid. Is it safe to take Ashwaganda while taking my Thyroid medication?

  44. Is there alternative to levothyroxine the side effects that I’m experiencing are dreadful weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, bad nails. What other thyroid meds are available on nhs?!

  45. Heck I was surprised to hear Iodine interacts negatively with Levothyroxine! I was under the impression that it helped! Thanks for the tip!

  46. I take it just as you describe to the letter, but I'll give you a FACT about this medication in MY case – it GIVES ME depression and makes me angry.
    I had the does lowered from 100 to 75mg, but I get depression.
    As soon as I stop it the depression disappears.
    I cannot speak for everyone, but it obviously des not suit me at all.
    What is the point being a little thinner if I am to be made depressed to the point of wishing I were dead?
    For me personally this medicine is evil.

  47. I keep reading many places you should try to take this prescription two hours after eating a meal, not 1 hour like the video suggest.

  48. He makes things funny and fun, which makes it more tolerable to sit thru. Most of the time the 'dry as a bone' medical person has me yawning so much I switch it off. One thing he didn't cover and nobody seems to… HOW MUCH WATER SHOULD YOU TAKE WITH YOUR THYROID PILL? Also, can you take thyroid med with diet soda, or flavored water etc?

  49. Hi Abraham, My thyroid gland was removed 1.5 years ago. Usually I wake up every morning, take a pill then sleep again for an hour and then wake up. Recently, often I am feeling bad and tired, sometimes concentration (mental) on a subject is difficult for me, and even at the morning when I wake up after sleeping 8 hours I am still tired and I can not feel as energetic and fresh as I was before surgery. Thus I would like to know whether can sleeping after taking pill cause such effects?Thanks

  50. Pretty sure I have hypothyroidism. I pretty much have to go to the doctor for bloodwork, or is there over the counter medicine I can take?

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