How To Tell If You Have Food Allergies or Sensitivities

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Hey there I’m dr. Dan Farkas and I am
the clinical director of Back to Health Natural Solutions here in Troy and I’m
reaching out to you special today to invite you to something that we do here
it which it’s our in office workshop there’s nothing like being present in
person to sit down to get questions answered to absorb the concepts about what
it is that we do here our approach is to find the source of what we call
sensitivities deficiencies and toxicities. Sensitivities which are
particularly food sensitivities that cause inflammation that can lead to
problems like ADHD thyroid problems fatigue digestion problem sleep problems
brain fog low energy digestion issues. Deficiencies micronutrient deficiencies
that cause cravings because our body to not function properly to make it so that
for all our effort and all our trying that our systems just don’t work because
they don’t have the the crucial micronutrients that we need and then
finally toxicities it’s a crazy toxic world out there even things that look
healthy that are advertised as healthy have toxicity in him just like a diet
soda for example it has things that are neurotoxic in it the artificial
sweeteners that were created in labs in order to save us all from diabetes and
high blood sugar now killing your brains actually. So sensitivities deficiencies
and toxicities and how they apply to your health issues whether you’re really
sick really suffering and your sick tired of being sick and tired or you’re
extremely healthy and extremely well and you say look I’m I’m doing great but I
don’t want to figure out how I can perpetuate this I want I want it to be
like this forever and in born health health for life is a
right and I believe that with the right knowledge base that you can become
independent that’s our goal here is to make people to empower people to become
independent then so that they can go and help others our goal is to help
as many people as possible use the natural solutions and empower them to
help other but I gotta take that there’s nothing
like coming and sitting down in person and listening we usually do them most
weeks there on Thursdays from just 6:30 until 7:00 with some questions afterward
in that short period of time we pack this with information and strategies
that you can start to use right right now in order to find out what is robbing
you of your health whether it be a ADHD in an adult and a child autoimmune
problems lupus psoriasis rheumatoid arthritis chronic pain chronic low
energy stubborn weight losses to so many questions what we get about that
stubborn weight loss brain fog food cravings just a nine a nine a nine we
encourage you to bring a friend bring a notebook bring your questions write
questions down get your questions answered we want people to leave
empowered and stronger and knowledge is power so if you have a question or
concern please reach out to us the link to register yourself to RSVP yourself
and a guest we always suggest bring a guest so you guys can talk afterward and
share information and that’s how we that’s how we grow and grow connections
too as well bring bring a guest bring as many guests as you want but we do ask
you to RSVP because seating is limited sometimes and we like to plan
ahead make sure that we have enough materials for people so if you find this
to be a value if you know somebody that needs this please share this with them
just that’s what that’s what life is about we found taking care of people
sharing information and spreading the word about this because people just
don’t know this people are suffering we all know 200 people individual people
are sick people are suffering they don’t know about this we’d love to have you
come and join us there’s no cost or no obligation at all it’s just information
if it looks like we can help you if it looks like we’re the right outfit to
possibly help you we’ll be able to let you know too so I’m really glad that you
stuck it out this far I’m glad that you watch this into the end please look
below look around this video there’s a link
and we hope that we can change your health improve your health and those
that are close to you thanks for watching

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