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I really want to get a definite answer
as to whether I’ve grown out of it. It’s a lot more extensive than actually I had
imagined. – Nice atmosphere, only waited about three, four minutes.
– The lady was very nice, she just literally took like two two tiny things of blood. – Barely felt it, the
guy was really really good with needles. – Obviously I fainted, but I would lying
down and it was fine. – I didn’t do anything to prepare before I had the allergy test.
The allergy testing service we run at Nuffield Health doesn’t require a
medical professional to refer you in, in fact you can go on the website and
order a test however, we do look at that test with medical professionals. – It will
be nice to actually have a conversation with you know a specialist a doctor and
see what can be done about them rather than just trying to make it up on my own
and Google things, which is never a good idea.
– I often as a doctor end up with patients sat in front of me and they’ve tried
everything. Never think that hope has been lost and sitting down and speaking
with a medical professional, no matter what you’ve tried, is definitely
worthwhile. Now I have the knowledge that there is some reality behind my symptoms

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