How to Treat a Severe Allergic Reaction | First Aid Training

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So what do you do when you have a severe allergic
reaction? Something that’s more than just a little itchiness. This is called anaphylaxis. This is where your airway is being impeded. You’re swelling from the inside out. You have hives, your face can get big, you
can get welts all over your body. You can feel short of breath. You can feel wheezing, like a tight chest. It’s very important to get help right away. If you see somebody who’s having these symptoms,
you call 911 right away. It can be very fatal and it can get there
very quickly. If you’re in someplace where they have an
allergy kit, sometimes they have things like EpiPens or things like that, open the kit. Follow the instructions. Call 911. Get on the line with the dispatcher. They’ll help you through, they’ll walk you
through what you need to do. Stay with that person. Watch their breathing. Watch their pulse. And keep on the line and just wait for the
ambulance to come. It is very important for them to get help
right away. With a severe allergic reaction people will
be choking but it’s not the same as if you were to give a Heimlich Maneuver. There’s nothing that you can dislodge. It’s all their own tissue that’s swelling
up and obstructing their airflow. You need to get help right away because there
are treatments that only a trained professional can do to help this person before it becomes

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