How To Treat Allergies During Pregnancy

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In this video, we’re gonna talk about how
to treat allergies while pregnant. Comparing my experiences from my first pregnancy
to my fourth are… they don’t even compare. Because I made so many nutritional changes
between that time with my first and my last, it… the allergy experience is totally different.
Pretty much not even there with my fourth pregnancy, so eating life food and… and
putting that nutrition in your body can help you heal allergies by creating a… a clean
environment in your body and being aware of what you’re putting in your body. So, the nutrition is a huge part of preventing
and healing. When you’re thinking what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to put in
your body, it’s really important to look at labels. So if you are eating anything from
a box or a package, be really careful. Make sure you’re eating things that don’t have
a huge list of ingredients. Make sure there’s a few ingredients in that they’re whole…
wholesome food. And also, listen to your body. Listen to that
intuition that you have. You’ll know what’s good for you and what isn’t. So it’s important
to… to listen and then to act on it. A lot of times we have those feelings “You shouldn’t
eat this.”, but we eat it anyway. Listen to your intuition. Remember you’re building a
baby and you want to… to create that environment within you to be healthy and… and to be
able to be free of these allergies. Because allergies is a toxic state, we wanna
decongest and eat the lifefood that has natural cleaning agents within it. So as you consume
good food and drink lots of water and move your body, you’ll be able to release that
congestion that’s in your body and heal from a congested state. Allergies is either a combination of two things
or one of the other. And it’s a toxic state or overaction of your immune system. And sometimes
during a pregnancy, it can cause an overaction in immune system, so there are herbs and plant-based
supplements that you can take that will calm your immune system down. And… and then cleaning
out the toxins will also calm that down. There’s inflammation and irritation, so be aware of
how you’re feeling, where your stress levels are, or what you’re putting in your body and
seek out supplements and plant-based… those herbs that you can take that can calm an overactive
immune system. So when you’re trying to heal from allergies
when you’re pregnant and staying safe would be doing fresh juice. This helps with inflammation.
It helps clear out whatever is congested and causing the congestion with your allergies. And so we have a fews things in here. This
is ginger and this is a big piece of ginger. You might want to… you don’t know if you
like ginger or you haven’t tried it yet, you probably wanna do just a… a smaller piece
of this. But ginger’s a good one for nausea so it’s a good thing to use if you’re experiencing
nausea. And also we have celery in here and my base
is always carrots. Carrots is SO good for you. And we have some apples and some oranges
to sweeten it up and… and make it so that it’s actually delicious to drink but really
really good for you. And I’ll show you how easy it is to juice this. Okay, I wish you were here to smell, that
ginger smells SO good. And I promise, it tastes just as good as it smells. So we’ve got carrots,
oranges, apples, celery, and ginger in here and you can see how beautiful that color is.
This is so nutrient-packed. Think about that pile that I had here. There’s
no way you could eat that in one sitting, but as you drink this, it tastes delicious.
It’s so good for you and definitely has been helpful for many people on clearing allergies
while you’re pregnant. Keeping the bowel regular is extremely important
while treating allergies while you’re pregnant. It… again, it goes back to a clean environment
within so you can absorb nutrients and it… it gets rid of the inflammation, it helps
you prevent congestion, and you’ll be able to heal. There are many yoga videos for pregnancy.
So, you can google and look for yoga, and you can really modify any kind of yoga routine.
It’s just stretching and moving, and this is a really good way to again, clean the environment
within so that you can prevent or heal allergies while you’re pregnant in a natural way. Putting in the right food is just as important
as drinking plenty of water. So giving your body what it needs so that you can eliminate
any congestion that may come up and build a strong immune system. Two supplements that are very helpful for
calming the immune system down which is what allergies can be is astragula and marsmallow
root. And you can get these at any most wholefoods store. You can get them in combination oftentimes
in a capsule. This will help calm the immune system down but there’s no side effects because
it’s just plants from the earth. Hopefully this video came as a relief that
you can take care of yourself NATURALLY while pregnant.

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  1. can you spell out the two supplements that you mentioned. i was searching them on google and nothing related is coming out. i dont know if im typing the right key words. im from an asian country and im not good in interpreting american accent. thank you.

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