How to Treat Burn Injuries  – by Rondebosch Medical Centre

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so within the kitchen specifically hot
water tends to contribute significantly towards burns the other thing that we
tend to see is flame burns and these usually come from gas stoves and then
another common one that you tend to see is kiddies putting their hands onto a
hot plate so the things you don’t really want to
do is apply anything onto the burn wound apart from water running water and it’s cold water. It serves dual purpose… it actually washes away any
debris that may be coming from the burn itself but very importantly is that it
cools the skin down. You’re looking at a time period of about 15 to 20 minutes
that one needs to expose that wound to running water but would anyone actually
go ahead and actually cover the wound that will protect it from actually
getting any other infection or dirt entering the wound itself. A useful thing
around the kitchen that one can use is cling wrap so you basically wrap a few
layers of clingwrap around the wound itself and then you can still expose
that to you know something cool it’s then very important to get
definitive treatment for it. And then you’d want to take them through to your
nearest emergency unit so that a doctor can actually look at the wound and then
institute appropriate treatment

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  1. Dr Riaad, you are indeed a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for the practical medical advice. And big time thanks for "the best medicine"………..laughter!

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