How to Treat Cuts and Grazes – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

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(Music plays) Cuts and grazes are common injuries that can
usually be treated at home. A cut is a full break to the skin, whereas
a graze is just the top layers of skin being scraped off.
Normally all you need to do is clean and dry the cut, apply some pressure and raise the
injury. This should help prevent infection and stop bleeding.
The wound should heal by itself within a few days.
When treating a cut, always wear gloves if you have them. And first, ask the casualty
to apply some pressure to the wound using a piece of gauze. Just put some pressure on
there. And then raise the injury. Next you need to clean the wound, and gently dry it. And finally apply a sterile dressing. Remember, apply pressure, raise the injury, clean and dry the cut, apply a sterile dressing.
If you’re worried about infection ask the casualty to seek medical advice. And that’s how we treat a cut or a graze. (Music plays).

10 thoughts on “How to Treat Cuts and Grazes – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

  1. "RED" was eliminated in the last round of updates 5 years ago.  It is now only direct pressure and rest, DR, the second of which was not even demonstrated.  Though I do not disagree with elevating, when instructing others it was found most lifesavers elevation was too extreme and did more harm then good.

  2. I cut my self and I've been bleeding for more that 4 hours. Help? It's not much blood but still could lead up to something lethal.

  3. The patient was holding a pad on the wound when the first aider was cleaning the area, so the actual area immediately around the cut and the cut itself was not cleaned. Is this correct? Seemed odd to me.

  4. What is the best thing to clean the wound with. It is my understanding that Hydrogen Peroxide is no longer considered appropriate. Should iodine or alcohol be used? Triple antibiotic perhaps? Just soap and water?

  5. I hate the first aid people at school all they do is wipe with baby wipes and it stings you so but so unproffesional

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