How to Treat Dry Eyes Naturally – 5 Tips

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now I know that a lot of people are
looking for natural solutions to dry eye treatment and if you want to hear some
insider secrets on how to reduce inflammation and improve dry eye then
this is gonna be the video for you so don’t miss out hello and welcome this is
dr. Allen here from the doctor I he’ll show helping you learn all about the
eyes and vision and I’m really excited today because we’re talking about a
topic I’m very passionate about which is dry eyes and I know a lot of people
they’ll be suffering from dry eye syndrome and they’ll be using different
kinda types of dry eye treatment often using medications for the eyes whether
that is in the form of eye drops or maybe they have some sort of other
treatment regimen being treated with their doctor now a lot of people are
frustrated using those medications because they can get expensive and they
can actually cause other complications and side effects so I know a lot of
people are looking for some sort of lifestyle change or something else that
they can do as a natural treatment to help curb their symptoms for dry eyes so
I’m excited today to have a friend and colleague who’s in the dry eye space his
name is dr. Travis Zigler and he’s a host on another youtube channel called
the dry eye show as well as a moderator on a Facebook community about dry eyes
and I’m really excited to have dr. Travis Zigler here so dr. Zigler won’t
you kind of open up and let us know a little bit more about yourself your life
journey how you find yourself to be a doctor dry eye and so on thanks dr.
Allen first for having me on dr. eye health I’ve looked up to your channel I
know we kind of had this mutual respect for each other’s channels but it’s
pretty awesome to watch how your channel has really taken off and I just love
watching the success that you’ve had on this channel so I’m dr. Travis Ziegler
along with my wife dr. Jenna Ziegler we started a company called I love and
we’re also co-host of the dry eye show on YouTube and we also have a Facebook
page as well called the dry eye syndrome support community and we became eye
doctors so I graduated in 2010 my wife graduated in 2011 from Ohio State and we
practiced for about five years with my uncle and my uncle has a practice still
here in in Columbus and my cousin was there as
well so we had for dr. Zigler’s in the same practice we specialized in hard to
fit contact lenses in dry eye and then a bug hit me in 2014 I wanted to go off on
my own and do my own thing so my wife and I did the three things you’re not
supposed to do we sold the practice or sold the
practice we left the practice started to new practices and then moved across
country and so we moved down to South Carolina from Ohio and we started our
own practices as well as this online business that we’re doing right now and
started the dry eye show about two and a half years ago and here we are we help
close to probably 50,000 people with their dry eye and we try to help them
with their dry eye naturally and so that’s kind of our goal is to help you
battle your dry eye by just reducing your inflammation overall and I really
became passionate about dry eye just from seeing the results that people were
getting by going through the steps we outlined in our book rethinking dry eye
treatment and just going and just teaching people as educating it more and
I think it’s really amazing how you and your wife have kind of developed and
gone down this journey into dry eyes both personally as well as
professionally being that you’re both dry eye doctors and actually fairly
recently you guys actually published your own book called rethinking dry eye
treatment which I have to say thank you for sending me a copy I was able to read
through it and I actually got a lot out of this not just in terms of this dry
eye knowledge but actually there’s tips in here that have helped me out so thank
you again for sending me this another kind of cool thing I know about you guys
beyond just being busy you like running a business and helping educate others
and in writing a book is that you guys do a lot of mission trip things right
you guys do you guys go on into the trips throughout the world and you help
other people with their eyes yeah we try to go on two to three mission we have a
foundation called the eye lift cares foundation and all not a portion of all
profits from I love and our brand hydrate go back to our Isle of cares
foundation we then use the Foundation to fund these clinics and we bring our
staff with us our team we have a team about seven of us and so they get to
come on the missions they get to go on their first mission trip this year in
October we we usually go to Jamaica that’s kind of our main hub we go there
every October and it’s a it’s a blast so and if your viewers ever want to join us
just let me know leave a comment in this video down below and we’ll hook you up
with how you volunteer with us and we go to somewhere else so we might go to Peru
this spring we went to Mexico last spring and then we do another Caribbean
island usually in the summer last year was in Tigua we actually didn’t get to
go on that one but we’ve been to Turks and Caicos
we’ve been Ecuador and Peru and just going back even a step further talking
about our story and how we kind of translated it into dry eye we were told
that we couldn’t have kids and we were pretty much diagnosed with infertility
we did everything Western medicine could offer all the way up to IVF and even the
IVF doctor told us that we had a 10% chance of getting pregnant with IVF and
so we kind of felt like it wasn’t for us to try and we wanted to explore other
options and so that’s why we went into Eastern medicine and we shifted our
whole diet we decreased the inflammation in our body went through some at
acupuncture and some other Eastern medicine like herbals
and it we got pregnant in three months and we have a two-year-old now and it
was just an amazing turn of events and so it just got us thinking like if you
could do this for infertility why can’t we do this for dry eye so that’s when we
we tried it and we’ve sent people through we have an eight-week boot camp
and the people that come out of that boot camp or just completely changed for
life and my favorite like testimonial from that boot camp was a lady that said
she’s had arthritis and a crick in her neck for 25 years and it’s gone and so
that tells you the story of inflammation in our bodies and that’s why what made
us fall in love with dry eye is just seeing all these results well thank you
so much for sharing that Travis I think it’s amazing what you guys are doing for
just sharing your knowledge about dry eyes with the world as well as what
you’re doing for Humanity in general in terms of doing mission trips and things
like that I know I went on a mission trip last year and it just changed my
life and I’m looking forward to getting on my next one but beyond that let’s
let’s kind of switch gears and get into really helping people with kind of
natural dry eye treatments and I know with your expertise let’s go over like
what would be your your number one natural dry eye remedy and this isn’t
even just for dry eye is my number one tip for just overall health in general
decreasing inflammation really getting your body jump-starting is high
raishin drinking water is so critical and nobody does that 80 percent of us
walk around dehydrated and dehydration symptoms are very much like disease
symptoms and you just can’t tell the difference and so what I recommend to my
patients into our online community is step number one wake up in the morning
and drink 16 to 32 ounces of water a day this is my bottle I drink this every
morning I do actually drink two of these every morning it’s called hyper
hydration there you go drink in your water too so hyper hydration what it
does for your body is it does a ton of things so your your body is dehydrated
at nighttime when you’re sleeping you lose a ton of water through sweat and
through just just sweat in general and then you wake up you your electrolytes
are down your water and take us down of course
and you’re dehydrated so hyper hydration increases your metabolism by about 30%
which is almost equivalent to working out and so you can lose weight just by
hyper hydrating right in the morning and then what I recommend doing is before
every meal drink 16 ounces of water that’s just a glass and it’s very easy
to do if you do that you’re you’re well ahead of everybody else
so 16 ounces right when you wake up and then before every meal so 3 meals you’ll
feel so much better you’ll have more energy to do anything
but starting that one healthy habit will just cascade into other healthy habits
as well so tip number one is it’s got to be hydration yes and yes now I
personally am trying to drink more water myself I know here in the winter in
Minnesota it’s really dry air out there so chapped lips are really common so I’m
trying to not only drink more water when I first wake up like you said when we
first wake up I often feel like my mouth is really dry so I try to drink a couple
of glasses of water but then when I’m in the clinic I carry a water bottle with
me so that I can not only hydrate throughout the day but then I can leave
by a good example and I can mention to patients oh I’m trying to drink more
water and that’s not only just good for my dry eyes but it’s good for my whole
bodily health as well now I know you have some other kind of cool tips about
the diet and kind of helping the dry eye so let’s get into that so the second
step we do and tip number two is you got to start your day with a green smoothie
a green smoothie is so critical and I don’t mean a bunch of fruit in a blender
and blending with fruit juices and all that a green
smoothie a very simple green smoothie like that we use is coconut milk a
greens powder handful of spinach and some blueberries that’s a very simple
smoothie that you can get started I put avocado in as well and that’s gonna just
start your day again jump-starting your day you’re gonna get a jump start
metabolism you’re introducing another healthy habit so hydration with the
green smoothie combined will just lead you to eat better throughout the day
you’ll do better throughout the day you’ll exercise better you’ll have more
fun you’ll be you’ll have more energy and even going back to tip number one a
lot of us go after coffee in the afternoon because we’re tired and the
reason you’re tired is because whatever you ate for lunch is causing fatigue and
what you eat should not cause fatigue if it’s causing fatigue that means you’re
you’re increasing the inflammation in your body your body then has to attack
that food more whereas an if you drink a green smoothie you should be energized
and same thing with lunch whatever you eat for lunch it should energize you if
it makes you tired and you go for that cup of coffee go for that cup of water
and said and then think about changing your lunch and since just tip number two
is green smoothie for breakfast that’s great I know I got into kind of the
green smoothie cake when I was in college and I still do that all the time
I a lot of spinach I throw a lot of spinach into my smoothies I like to use
almond milk instead of just soy milk but by using almond milk this that all the
spinach I also would like to use frozen banana because when it’s frozen and it
mixes up it kind of gives a nice little froth to it and then even though it has
a lot of sugar in it I do like to throw in charities and frozen mango because
that just gives a really good taste along with some chocolate because it’s
just it’s just delicious but it is a lot of sugar so I think if someone’s just
getting in to doing green smoothies that’s a good kind of starting way to
get into it but as you as over time you kind of build up that that taste for
spinach or kale or or other so that kind of leafy greens what you won’t agree
with that with bananas and mangos very high sugar fruits but when you’re
starting out it’s okay to do that because eventually what we recommend is
getting down to berries only because of the low sugar and another ingredient
that you you may have not tried as frozen cauliflower there’s another good
one Wow yeah I’ve never heard of that never used
cauliflower in my shakes do you use just like straight-up frozen cauliflower that
you buy in a bag or is it something that you buy fresh and then freeze it we buy
the frozen ones so Walmart has a great organic section of frozen vegetables and
we buy the frozen cauliflower from the organic section now back in your dry eye
book you talk about a couple other kind of household things like detoxifying the
household and how that’s good for inflammation can you talk a little bit
about that so yeah tip number three is toxins there
there are thousands of toxins all around you at all times and it’s in your water
so drinking filter water is key it’s in the air so we recommend diffusing like
an essential oil in your house that really helps just kind of clean up the
air a little bit more even having an in-house air purifier but those are kind
of bigger steps the smaller steps that I recommend are your cleaners so your
cleaners are filled with toxins and we don’t realize it but I know you talked
about how you suffer from eczema I do too and if I use toxic cleaners my
eczema flares up or all we use is vinegar we put vinegar in one of the
spray bottles we may add a couple drops of the central oil and that will give
you like a nice citrus one so we’ll put like lemon essential oil into vinegar
and now we have a great cleaner that works on absolutely everything you can
use it windows it’s okay it’s a little bit of a streak but everything else as
far as toilets sinks counters it kills everything it’s vinegar it’s great
get rid of your bleach bleach is terrible and then the second most toxic
thing is your laundry people don’t realize it but the dryer sheets that you
put in your dryer very toxic and you can replace those with wool balls WOL it’s
hard to say wool but wool balls and they last forever so we bought ours in 2011
and we still have the same set and so just go to Amazon type in like organic
wool balls and that will replace your dryer sheets and it’s organic wool I
mean there’s nothing to it and what it does is it actually speeds up drying
time so you lose use less energy and then for our laundry itself we use eco
nuts eco nuts are little berries and it’s a hard like a shell of the berry
and they’re actually natural soap and so you don’t have to put any chemicals in
your laundry so that’s assignment number two for you I’m sure you use eco nuts or
wools no I don’t I’ve never tried those but I know in college I started off
learning how to make my own soap as well as my
laundry detergent so since then I kind of do my own little natural thing by
making those but I certainly something that I’ll look into and after I learned
a little bit more about it I’ll go ahead and I’ll make sure I put a little link
to that if anyone wants to to find that information I’ll put that in the link in
the YouTube description below but I know in when I was in just kind of a cool
story how it kind of blew my mind wouldn’t weird and I was in optometry
school and taking all the pharmacology courses that we take and you know you
know growing up that oh they have certain medications like in terms of
antibiotic creams and pain relievers put in your skin but it never clicked in my
head until we were in school and I was learning how oh you don’t have to take
all medication in the form of a pill you can just put it as a cream on your hand
and or your arm or wherever on your skin and your skin absorbs that medication
and it finally made me understand hey if you put something on your skin and it
touches you it doesn’t have to necessarily be medication but that
chemical gets absorbed through your skin and into your body so it’s true that
things in our environment do touch your skin and they can get absorbed and you
do start incorporating that into your bodily health so that’s certainly very
true and then just kind of another story when I was in high school I remember
this one one of the ladies I worked at I worked at a public library and one of
the other ladies that worked there she would always shelve books and I was
always kind of confused because she always wore latex gloves or some sort of
medical gloves while she was shelving books I was like that is so bizarre but
I later asked her and found out why it was cuz she was diagnosed with cancer
and she she beat it but one of her things she found out she did her
research and found yeah she’s been touching all these books for how many
years and she doesn’t know what kind of chemicals are on the books and run the
pages or this may be sick people who rented the books and brought them and
brought them back because they don’t clean the books afterward so she wasn’t
sure what she was touching and what gets absorbed into our hands so yeah it just
goes to show you how much you can absorb through your skin and in just one more
tip for toxins it’s organic you have to buy organic
food because insecticides and pesticides and fertilizers there
the-there kill things and you better believe that they’re killing you slowly
by causing inflammation in your body so it whenever possible always buy organic
produce frozen organic is just as healthy as fresh so when to throw that
in with the toxins area tip number four is your sleep people don’t put enough
emphasis on your sleep and it’s probably the most important thing that you do in
a day other than like eating and drinking water sleep is probably the
most we’re so sleep deprivation now as a society as just a result of the phones
that we are on constantly and so I have a pair of blue blockers on right now
these are only 30% but you can get all the way up to 95% 95% blue blockers have
that kind of orange appearance putting those on at 7 p.m. every night will help
you fall asleep whenever you go to sleep just because it helps produce that
melatonin to take a couple steps back when we wake up in the morning the Sun
rises it releases blue light blue light signals to our body to wake up and then
at nighttime the Sun Goes Down that signals to our body because there’s no
blue light to increase melatonin production melatonin is responsible for
helping us get to sleep now we have all these artificial devices like lights
computers and phones that were on all the time that have artificial blue light
so that disrupts our deep sleep that REM sleep it takes us longer to get there so
what I recommend with sleep is just turn off your devices an hour before you go
to bed if you use it as an alarm clock it in on the other side of the room that
way you’re not tempted to check it in the middle of the night and then just go
device free for the last hour read a paperback book do some yoga some
stretching some meditation just do something to calm you down
and that talking about that will help with sleep but it’ll also help you with
tip number five which is stress so decreasing the stress in your life if
you have chronic stress which most of us do because we don’t take time to just
slow down if that chronic stress increases your cortisol levels and it
keeps those cortisol levels high which then increases inflammation and so we
need to consciously decrease stress in our life by focusing on the good some
the simplest tip that you can do for stress is start a gratitude journal
every night before you go to bed write down three things that happen that
you’re grateful for and you’d be surprised by how many people just don’t
do that or don’t even think about the good that happened in that day and they
think about the bad and I tip number two for stress is you stop watching the news
the news is negativity negativity negativity and you’re just gonna think
the world’s coming to an end my dad told me this last weekend that there’s like a
Trump’s getting impeached and I guess that’s been going on for three years and
I had no idea hey absolutely I know in the in the
clinic my other doctor and I were just talking the other day of how when we’ve
done with clinic and we started heading home we can’t listen to news radio
because by the time we get home we’re in just as awful mood so we I don’t even
really listen to the news that much I kind of catch it from other people so
yeah I think it’s important to just try and de-stress a little bit and maybe
focus on more kind of funny things instead of listening to just kind of bad
news all the time that is what your patients are for right so what your what
your viewers really need to do is subscribe to your channel hit the little
bell and then they need to just listen to your channel the whole way home from
there and they’ll be happy when they go home but absolutely hey Travis thank you
so much for sharing all of this knowledge here today if you are viewer
and you’re absolutely loving this content then make sure to smash that
like button if you want to reach out to dr. Travis Zigler hey Travis how could
somebody reach out to you how can they find you thanks for letting me do this
so we have our own youtube channel called the dry eye show so make sure you
head over there hit that subscribe button follow us there if you want to
interact with us directly we have a group on Facebook called the dry eye
syndrome support community and on the dry eye syndrome support community my
wife and I are and they’re usually every other day and if you have any problems
you can just tag us and we try to answer them we usually have a blog post or a
video that we’ve made in the past that talks about pretty much anything dry eye
related because we’ve done a lot and then you kind of mentioned our book
earlier the rethinking dry a treatment book you can actually get the pdf
version of this for free at dry eye book calm and it’s not the letter I it’s
actual I so dry eye book calm and you can pick that up very good again thank
you so much dr. Zigler here for being on the show
and answering a few questions about natural dry eye treatments a question of
the day for you what was your favorite natural dry eye trip from today’s
episode go ahead and comment and share in the section below and if you have any
natural dry eye trips of your own again go ahead and share those as well because
that’s the way we’re all gonna help kind of and grow our minds and learn more
about kind of natural healthy living and ways that’ll improve our dry eye
symptoms again thank you guys so much for being here thank you dr. Travis
Zigler if you want to check out his show on the dry eye show I’ll again hook
up a link in the YouTube description below otherwise keep an eye on it
and we’ll talk to you soon

30 thoughts on “How to Treat Dry Eyes Naturally – 5 Tips

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  3. Given that it's caused by chronic inflammation, the best move would be to eat a species-appropriate 100% whole-food plant-based diet, full of essential anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, and to get the omega-3: omega-6 balance correct by eating flax-seeds.

    Quite how this guy managed to spin his advice into an entire book is beyond me. In any case, it misses out the essentials.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eye Health. Great tips from you both, look forward to trying the green smoothie. Been dealing with dry eye for many years, use warm compresses 2 – 3 x daily when possible, 3000mg fish oil, serum eye drops and OTC. Happy New Year

  5. Thank you so much! My eyes get so dry and irritated every winter to the point where it looks like I have bilateral pink eye so I'm looking forward to trying some of these home remedies in addition to the eye drops I was recommended. Also don't think I don't peep that cute cat up on the shelf!

  6. I have RA and fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, as well as long-time severe dry eye to go along with my now-corrected cataract once-extremely near-sighted eyes. I use Restasis, but found that it alone was not enough to help my dry eyes. My doctor suggested that I add a 1000mg flaxseed oil capsule a day. That has really made a difference. As for staying hydrated as Dr Zigler suggested, I drink almost nothing but water. No soda, no coffee, no tea. Only some fresh fruit juice or milk a few days a week. My meds have killed my taste for any other liquids, and a number of foods. The closer to un-processed the better tasting for me.

  7. Favorite tip? That glass of water in the morning and before each meal. I'm already keto due to insulin resistance so I have a handle on inflammation. I also buy organic as much as possible. Very much appreciate this video.

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  10. just general overall health tips – nothing specific to dry eyes. Good for a lot of people who live an average health lifestyle. Long video – not useful for someone who is already living a healthy lifestyle and aware of chemical toxins etc

  11. As it so happens I am a PhD student dedicated to the subject of dry eye and unfortunately I have to disagree with what is said here. Go to an ophthalmologist (not optometrist) and get a thorough consult, that would be my advice.

  12. I'm borderline glaucoma and I have dry eye and I have amblyopia in my left eye. I keep humidifiers going in my house to keep the moisture up. I keep my glaucoma meds refrigerated (I'm Cocopt pf), I think they make my dry eyes worse. 🙁

  13. Omega 3 rich foods (with low Omega 6) such as chia seeds or hemp seeds can be consumed in place of fish oil. They don't taste or smell fishy and no need to worry about sythetics and contaminants that fish have.

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