How to use a diskus inhaler

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The Diskus puts a dry powder
medicine into the lungs. You must breathe in deeply and
quickly to get the medicine into the lungs. Hold the Diskus flat
in front of you in one hand, like you’re eating a hamburger.
Put the thumb of your other hand in the groove. Push the thumb
away from you as far as it will go until it clicks into place.
This will uncover the mouthpiece. Using your thumb
again, slide the lever away from you until you hear a click. The
number on the counter will go down by one. The Diskus is now
ready to use. Be sure to keep the Diskus level in this
position at all times. If you tip or drop the Diskus, follow
the step to reload the medicine. Turn your head, and breathe out.
Be careful not to blow into the Diskus. If you do, reload the
medicine. After blowing out, place the mouthpiece up to your
lips and make a tight seal. Breathe in fast and deep until
you feel like your lungs are full. Remove the Diskus from
your mouth, hold your breath for 10 seconds. Then breathe out
normally. You may or may not taste the medicine. Put your
thumb on the thumb grip and slide it back towards you as far
as it will go. You will hear a click. The Diskus is now closed.
Brush your teeth after each treatment. Be careful not to get
the Diskus wet. The dose counter on the top of the Diskus tells
you how many doses are left in the Diskus. The numbers will
turn red when there are only five doses of medicine left in
the Diskus. Get a new Diskus of medicine from the pharmacy. When
the number reads zero, all the medicine is gone. Throw the
Diskus away.

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  1. this awkward dispenser was made as a propriatry dispensing device by GSK that others could not replicate, as it's patent was ending, other generic brand manufacturors could copy the drug, but not the method of dispensing.

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