How to Use a Diskus®

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The Diskus is a breath-activated device, which
means that the medication is released when you inhale. To use the Diskus, hold it level with one
hand. Place the thumb of the other hand on the thumb
grip; push your thumb away from you until the Diskus clicks. You can see the mouthpiece. Hold the Diskus level and slide the lever
away from you until the Diskus clicks. This will load the medication. Next, hold the Diskus level away from your
mouth and gently breathe out. Never exhale into the Diskus. Seal your lips tightly around the mouthpiece
and breathe in rapidly and deeply. Remove the Diskus from your mouth and hold
your breath for as long as you can, up to 10 seconds. Let’s see what that looks like, it’s
all ready to go. When you’re done, close the Diskus by placing
your thumb on the thumb grip and pulling it toward you until the Diskus clicks. Always rinse your mouth with water and spit
it out after using the Diskus. The Diskus has a dose counter on the top of
the device. It will let you know how many doses are left. As you use the Diskus, you will notice that
the numbers decrease by one. The last 5 numbers will be in red; the Diskus
will count down to 0 when the Diskus is empty. To clean the Diskus, do not put it in water. Simply wipe the mouthpiece with a clean cloth
when it appears dirty or at least every week. And then be sure to close the Diskus after
each use to help it stay clean.

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