How to use a flexhaler inhaler

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A Flexhaler puts a dry powder
medicine into your lungs. To get the most medicine possible, sit
up straight or stand. Hold the Flexhaler so that the white
cover points upward. Unscrew the cover and remove it. Hold the
Flexhaler by the grip in the upright position with one hand
so the mouthpiece is up. Use your other hand to twist the
colored wheel to the right, clockwise, as far as it will go,
and then twist it all the way back to the left, clockwise
until it clicks. The medicine is now loaded into the Flexhaler.
Before you use a new Flexhaler for the first time, you must
prime it. Repeat the step one more time to prime the
Flexhaler. The Flexhaler is now primed and you do not need to
prime it again. If you tip or drop the device, repeat the step
to reload a dose of medicine into the Flexhaler. Turn your
head and breathe out. Don’t blow into the Flexhaler. If you
accidentally blow into the Flexhaler after loading a dose,
follow the instructions to load a new dose. Now hold the
Flexhaler flat. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and
seal your lips around the mouthpiece. Breathe in fast and
deep through your mouth until you feel like your lungs are
full. Remove the Flexhaler from your mouth. Hold your breath for
10 seconds. Then breathe out normally. The Flexhaler is
designed to deliver only one dose at a time. If more than one
dose is ordered, repeat the steps. The Flexhaler contains an
inhaled steroid, so brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after
each use. Do not get the Flexhaler wet. The Flexhaler has
a dose counter just below the mouthpiece. The dose counter
tells how many doses remain in the Flexhaler. Look at the
middle of the window to find out how many doses are left in your
inhaler. The dose indicator moves with every five doses or
so. Throw away the Flexhaler when the indicator is at zero
and get a Flexhaler of medicine from the pharmacy.

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