How to Use a HandiHaler®

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A HandiHaler is a breath-activated device,
which means that the medication is released when you inhale. To use the HandiHaler, open the cover of the
HandiHaler by pushing the green button on the side of the HandiHaler. Open the mouthpiece of the HandiHaler by pulling
the mouthpiece ridge up. Now you can get the capsule out of the foil
packet. Remove the medication capsule from the foil
packet by peeling the paper backing until the capsule is fully visible. Do not remove the capsule from the foil packet
until you’re ready to take the medication. Place the capsule in the hole in the center
of the HandiHaler. Close the mouthpiece. You will hear a click when the mouthpiece
is closed. Leave the cover open. Hold the HandiHaler with the mouthpiece up. Press the green button on the side of the
HandiHaler; this will puncture the capsule. Once the capsule is punctured, you will need
to keep the HandiHaler steady. Do not shake it, cough, or breathe into it
or you will lose some of the medication. To take your medication, turn away from the
mouthpiece and breathe out. Tilting your head back slightly, carefully
bring the HandiHaler to your mouth. Seal your lips tightly around the mouthpiece
and breathe in rapidly and deeply so you can feel the capsule vibrate as you inhale. Remove the HandiHaler from your mouth and
hold your breath for as long as you can, up to 10 seconds. Let’s see what that should look like. I’ve already gotten it ready and punctured
the capsule. To be sure you’ve got all the medication,
exhale and do that one more time. When you’re done, open the mouthpiece and
drop the capsule into the trash. Try not to touch the capsule, just drop it
in there. Clean the mouthpiece with a clean cloth when
it appears dirty or at least once a week. Allays close the HandiHaler after use to help
keep the HandiHaler clean.

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