How to use a HandiHaler

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If we open the box we will see on top the
HandiHaler training kit patient information leaflet, the HandiHaler device itself.
If we remove the cardboard box we have some strips of capsules.
The patient will need to remove the cap then you will notice that the mouthpiece is here.
The mouthpiece can be opened by just pulling back here and you will see that there is space
now for a capsule to be inserted. Pull the foil back to the ‘stop’ position
here and you will see that there is a capsule inside.
Place it into the device, close the mouthpiece the capsule is inside and when we are ready
to use the inhaler then push the green button on the side which will crush the capsule and
allow for the release of the powder. The product is now primed and ready to be
used by the patient. I have shown you how to use the inhaler, I
would now like if you could just demonstrate back to me how you are going to do that yourself.
First of all I open this up and make sure the chamber is empty – which it is – I will
pull down the placebo pack to deploy the capsule and then I will place that inside the chamber.
Really important, as you did that you took the capsule out of the packet. Just make sure
that your hands are dry. Any moisture on your hands could affect the integrity of the capsule,
so we want to avoid that. Ok, no problem.
So you have inserted the capsule in there, click down the mouth piece and then I want
to puncture the capsule. So I then push in to release it.
So push in and release – if you were to push in and leave your finger against the green
button that might mean some of the drug can’t be released from the capsule. So it is really
important that you press in firmly once and release.
I do that immediately before I use it? Yes immediately before you use it, there is
a risk that if you were to push the button in and break the capsule and then leave it
for a while, if for example, the inhaler goes upside down it could mean some of the drug
is released so try to avoid that. So knocking it over with my hand and making
it topple. We want to avoid any drug being lost.
Now that it is pierced I just breath out? Breath out as much as you can comfortably
and then put your mouth around the inhaler mouthpiece and breath in slowly and deeply
to release the drug. (inhales)
You will have heard a slight whistle there that indicates that you are using the inhaler
appropriately. As your doing that you are holding your breath
for 5 to 10 seconds just after its use, that allows the drugs to get deep into the lungs
where it is needed. Should I just get rid of the capsule after?
Yeah, what you will need to do then is dispose of the capsule. You should hopefully notice
all of the drug has been emptied from the capsule and that can be placed in a normal bin.

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