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This is an instructional video on the use of a metered dose inhaler and it’s administration from the patient perspective. When you go to the pharmacy and pick up your inhaler.(the professor is holding a box which contains an inhaler) It’s going to come in a box like this. This happens to be albuterol which is a (he is no opening the box which you can hear tearing open) bronchodilator, which will help open up your airways of your lung. So when you open the box, there will be instructions (he pulls out the instruction and removes the inhaler ans holds up inhaler) in there as well as your metered dose inhaler. This is our canister (he removes the canister from the inhaler body and holds it up) which actually has the medication (he then puts the canister back in the body of the inhaler) inside and then you ( he removes the cover of the MDI which the mouth is placed and holds it up) have the mouth portion here. Also whenever you use a metered dose inhaler you should be requesting ( crumbuling sound heard as he holds the package containg the inhaler) holding chamber )or the physician should have ordered a holding chamber. Now there’s two types of holding chambers. There’s one that has in this case it says here uh (holding package containing holding chamber and points to the package) anti-static (points to package and then puts down package)and The other type ( he pickup another package and show you the front) does not state that anywhere on the package. It’s important (puts down package and picks up other package and holds it up) that or ideal that you use an anti-static chamber But in most ( lowers package and the raises it back up) cases patients will get that they will go with the cheaper inhaler, which is the non anti-static. So why is this important to know? an anti-static prevents ( puts down package) the medication from adhering to the walls of your chamber. Until It gets well coated with the medication. So if you use an anti-static It’s not going to happen. That means the medications actually going to get to you. If you did buy (picks up package that is not anti-static) a holding chamber That is not anti-static then when you get home you need to wash it in warm soapy water and let it air dry. that coating of that soapy water will prevent the molecules of the medication to adhering to the wall and then you’re ready to go Okay, (puts down package) so now let’s go to the inhaler. (picks up inhaler and show it to you) The inhaler would since I just took it out of the box needs to be primed and so what we’re going to do whenever you’re going to use your inhaler, you are going to shake it up. ( you hear rattling sound as he shakes the inhaler and removes the cover of the mouthpiece) And then since this is my first time using this inhaler I’m going to squirt it (he is holding up the inhaler and pushes it down creating a squirting sound) this is known as priming the inhaler. With this type of inhaler albuterol (continues to shake inhaler as he holds it up) with and the propellant that is in here is an H.F.A. which requires at least four pumps (compresses the inhaler again and shakes inhaler in between and you hear it squirt sound) To fully prime it now that’s ready to be used if all you did was take it out and Use it you would not be getting any medication Okay, so it’s a very important to prime it. Now There’s also another caveat to this. That if you don’t use your inhaler for a couple of weeks, two weeks you will need to reprime it when you’re ready to use it after and shaking it in between so with the use of a holding chamber (crumbling sound heard as he opens package) We’re going to take the mouthpiece portion and ( he is holding inhaler and holding chamber as he shows the backside of chamber) put it on the back side of your holding chamber (puts inhaler into back of the holding chamber) It should just fit right on in and then the mouthpiece here. ( he shows you the mouthpiece end of the holding chamber) We’re going to take the cap off (takes cap off from the holding chamber) and Now we’re going to exhale all the way out emptying our lungs (turns head and exhales making shhhh sound out while holding chamber with MDI attached) I’m gonna put this in my mouth and then take a slow breath in as I actuate the metered dose inhaler (simulates taking a breathing holding the to his face) And then I hold my breath for 10 seconds if I can and then I blow it out. ( turns head and blow out) So you would do this the number of times that is prescribed by your physician and That is how you use a metered dose inhaler.

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