How to use a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)

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hello I’m doctor Tom Daley. Hi I’m Dave Goya. We are Pulmonologists, lung specialists at Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara. We’d like to speak to you for a moment
about use of inhaled medications and spacer devices there are very effective inhaled
medications for treatment asthma emphysema COPD but their
effectiveness is dependent a pond that technique that you use we’re
gonna demonstrate that technique for your right now when you receive an inhaler from your
doctor and a spacer take the caps off of the metered dose inhaler and offer the
spacer and place the metered dose inhaler in
the spacer shake the metered dose inhaler this mix is the propellant with the
medication place the spacer device in your mouth between your teeth and
above your time squeeze your finger and thumb
together to release the medication into the
spacer and then slowly inhale over five to 10 seconds once the
medication is in your lungs continue to hold your breath for five to ten seconds to allow it to
deposit and then exhale while you were inhaling if you hear a
whistling sound you’re inhaling too quickly and the medication is likely
to deposit on your mouth inhale more slowly these medications can
be used without a spacer device but the technique it’s is much more
difficult and often less medication is delivered to the locks we recommend
whenever possible use a metered dose inhaler with a spacer
device we hope this has been helpful

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