How to Use a Metered Dose Inhaler with a Spacer (Hyper-Reality version) in English (accent from USA)

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This is Matt. He is going to show you
how to use your inhaler. Our friend Timmy will help. This is a basic metered dose inhaler. Your inhaler may look slightly different
in color, size and shape, but it will still work the same. This is a spacer. Normally kids and those who need
a slow delivery of medication need to use a spacer with the inhaler. Let’s take the cap off now. Now check if both
the inhaler and spacer are clean. First shake your inhaler. You must make sure
to shake it very well. Good! Now you are ready
to start using your inhaler. Thanks Matt, Timmy will take it from here. First, place the inhaler
in the back of the spacer. Then remove the cap
from the mouthpiece of the spacer. Breathe out completely. Next place the spacer in your mouth, push down on
the inhaler cartridge once and breathe in slowly and deeply. If you hear a sound this means
you are breathing too quickly. Remove the spacer and inhaler
and hold your breath for ten seconds. Breathe out slowly. Now rinse your mouth. Matt, please get Timmy a glass of water. Shake. Cap off. Place the inhaler
in the back of the spacer. Push down and inhale. Now it’s your turn Matt. This time without the spacer. Thanks for your help Timmy. Cap off. Shake. Exhale. Place in your mouth. Push down and inhale. Hold your breath for ten seconds. Breathe out slowly. If you need a second application, wait for a minute and start over again. Rinse your mouth out Matt. Make sure to wash your inhaler properly. To do this, first disassemble your inhaler. Place the medicine cartridge aside. Next, run clean water through
the inhaler shaft and in the cap. Finally, set the inhaler
parts on a towel to dry overnight.

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