How to Use a Nebulizer : Different Methods a Nebulizer Can Deliver Medicine

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Now there are various methods of delivery
once you have the medication in there, again depending on the age of the person. For myself
as I was mentioning, my first experience with the nebulizer was when my son was about 9
months old and he probably would not of tolerated the mask being on his face. Most kids that
age are going to try to tear up the mask and makes for a fairly unpleasant experience all
the way around. But for children who are a little bit older or adults, one way of delivering
the medication, I’ll show you right here is to be able to actually again this is just
one of many different ways. Putting this together like this; you’ve got the tube here and this
is the piece, you want to turn it like so, that they can actually put in their mouth.
Then once you have that assembled again, you’re going to kind of push and twist a little bit
and then the person would actually hold it and put this in their mouth and be able to
breathe the medication in that way, so that’s one way. And then the other method of you
know for a child, obviously this is for a child’s use, it’s got the dinosaur on it and
my kids did appreciate that, the mask form. All you have to do is directly put the mask
right onto here and then of course this would go around the child’s head and they will be
able to just go ahead and breathe in it. As this allows for some airflow out the tube
here, this also allows for some escaping of air and mist through the holes right here.
So it’s not something that’s going to be kind of a suffocating type of experience.

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  1. Thank you for posting this!!! It helped a lot. now my mom can use her nebulizer without any problem. Appreciated !!!

  2. Albuterol can have 2 nasty side effects. 1. Dizziness & 2. Increased heart rate if those occur call 911 immediately.

  3. Too many "ACTUALLY" uses annoy elderly me. I'm not a valley girl and her speech patterns leave something to be desired e.g. gonna instead of going.

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