How to Use a Nebulizer : How to Clean Nebulizer Air Filter

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About once every week, once every couple of
weeks, again depending on how frequently you’re using the nebulizer, you’re going to want
to clean out the air filter. The air filter is what helps the machine running smoothly,
catching debris from the air so that it’s not clogging up the mechanics of the compressor.
On this particular machine, you can see right here this is where the hose goes into. Right
next to it there’s a little cap. You can just take this right here and just gently pry it
open, it’s not too hard to come out. Now as you can see right there, there is the air
filter. These two parts will separate out and what you want to do is just wash this
in some warm soapy water which I happen to have over here. Just kind of squeeze the air
filter back and forth between your thumb and your finger, making sure that you thoroughly
clean it out. And then again you’re going to want to take the clean water and rinse
it thoroughly. Squeeze it and shake off the excess water. And then you just set it on
a clean surface to dry and then once it’s fully dried, then you can replace it.

4 thoughts on “How to Use a Nebulizer : How to Clean Nebulizer Air Filter

  1. I thank you sincerely for this simple easy to follow video. I just purchased a great nebulizer online,but there are no instructions at all regarding the filter… pretty common sense thing???
    anyways,great video!

  2. My nebulizer airfilter is missing and my neb didnt provide for extra filter is there anything that i can useas a replacement that will be good as an air filter?

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