How to Use a Nebulizer : How to Rinse & Dry Nebulizer

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Okay, after you’ve washed the parts in the
warm soapy water with the non lemon dish washing detergent, the next step that you want to
do is rinse. You can use distilled water to rinse or any kind, you can use clean tap water.
We like to use, we’ve got filtered water, it’s through reverse osmosis and so we know
that it’s pretty cleaned. But you can also use tap water for that as well. And then we’re
going to just take each part to make sure that it is throughly rinsed and then we’re
going to set it out on an area to dry. You want to make sure, you can use paper towels
or you can use a dish towel but you want to make sure that it’s a clean dish towel. Dish
towels that have been used a few times can actually hybercolt a few germs and bacteria.
And again this is a part of touching the medicine, going into the lungs, we want to make sure
that it stays clean. This will, don’t put any of it together until everything is fully
dried. Just set it out there to dry. You do not want to put this equipment in a dish washer,
you can read the specific recommendations for the parts that you’re using but in general
the dish washer is going to be a bit too harsh.

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