How to Use a Nebulizer : How to Sanitize Nebulizer

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On an as needed basis or just occasionally,
you’re going to want to wipe down the actual surface of the machine of the air compressor.
You can do that using a damped cloth. Just wipe around the outsides of it. You’re going
to want to absolutely make sure that the cloth is not really particularly wet, dripping water
because you don’t want to get any liquid on the inside of the machine because that can
definitely have some very dramatic negative effects on the machine. So you don’t ever
want to emerse it in water or have any kind of dripping water around it. So you can use
a damped cloth. What you can also use is just a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol if
you are also wanting to clean it a little bit more thoroughly and also have it be sterile.
Sometimes when you’re using these machines, people using them are coughing or sneezing
all over the machine and it is a good idea occasionally to use the alcohol. So you just
get the cotton ball wet, just wipe around the machine on the surface and you kind of
get in a little bit more in some of the nooks and crannies. Again it’s going to sterilize
it as well. As you can see with this cotton ball, I didn’t think my machine was that dirty,
but as you can see it’s definitely getting some dirt off of it. So you know again, just
another thing to do for, it’s not just pure aesthetic purposes either, it’s just trying
to keep it clean so that it can run properly and is keeping things free from around the
bended area.

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