How to Use a Nebulizer : How to Store a Nebulizer

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The final step to proper care and treatment
of your nebulizer machine is to store it in a way that’s going to protect it, keep it
safe from getting any kind of water, liquid on it, dust, that kind of thing. So once you
get to a point where you’re not going to be using the machine or the equipment for a few
days, a few weeks, a few months, then it’s important to be able to store it in a proper
way. And if it’s like with my children, they mainly needed to use the treatment when they
would get a cold, so it was kind of sporadic, their use came in sparse. So what you’re going
to want to do, one of the ways that I would recommend storing it is to get a clean sealable
plastic bag, kind of like this ziplock bag. This would be a good choice. Make sure all
of the parts are completely dried. You don’t want to put any parts away if they’re still
wet. So as you can see all of the parts here are completely dry. Put them in a sealable
bag. Then you can also put in the tubing with it and see how I wrapped the tubing up as
so and this is also a good idea because you don’t want the tubing to get any kind of dust
or moisture inside of it. Again, because that could be a condition that could have bacterial
growth in there. Seal it up, let the air out and seal it up, then you’ve got proper storage
of that. And then as far as the unit itself, you can have a bag, maybe the bag that came
with your unit or you can purchase a bag like this to put it in there. Zip it up. Or if
you don’t have that at least find something that you can cover it with. Again, to be able
to protect the ventilation system, the vent here so that you’re not getting a lot of dust,
debris, moisture, that kind of thing into the machine.

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