How to Use a Nebulizer : How to Train Kids to Use Nebulizer

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One of the challenges that you may have when
you’re giving your child a nebulizer treatment is helping them to be able to sit still and
basically cooperate with you. It’s very important that they keep the mask on or it’s very important
that the mist and the medication of course is going into their body in a consistent manner.
So what I found is a very helpful way to deal with this sometimes in particular with my
son, he would bet inpatient, he would get bored, he’ll become a little bit resistant,
is I try to make the time enjoyable, fun and try to do things that are special that are
kind of the ordinary in terms of the time that you spend with your kids. So it may be
you know that you set aside a particular time, the nebulizer time to do something that they
wouldn’t do normally. It could give them an opportunity to sit in your lap, read a story.
My kids definitely like looking through books. I’ll let them pick out their favorite book
to be able to look through and read while we’re doing the treatment. They might want
to listen to a tape of music or they may want to play with puppets. You do want to be aware
of the fact that they’re probably not going to be able to do a lot of things like coloring
or writing if they’re going to be bending their head down because if they have the mask
on they might not be able to see around it very well. So it should be an activity where
their head is up and they’re kind of not really thinking about the fact that they’re sitting,
they’re getting this treatment. The other thing that I think can be very helpful is
to let your child personalize the nebulizer machine, the air compressor itself. You guys
can show how you put stickers on there to kind of make it a little bit fun and to make
it something that again they’re showing is their own and they’re personalizing it and
just helps them to feel a little bit more a part of the activity.

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