How to Use a Nebulizer : Parts of a Nebulizer

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There are several different components to
the nebuilzer. Obviously first off you have the actually air compressor itself and then
you have the cord that’s attached to that. Here is the off and on switch right here.
Then this is the tubing and this delivers the air that makes the whole machine work.
I will mention it probably a few times throughout the series, that it is very important that
you keep this tubing dry, you never want to put any kind of water in it. And then over
here we have some of the various different pieces that help the medicine actually go
up into the lungs. Here’s an example of a place that you would put the liquid medication.
It will go in here underneath, it actually goes underneath that cone there and then you
would seal that together. Then you’ve got the tubing here and depending on how the age
of the person that is using it, you’re going to use different kinds of appropriatest to
actually put on their face. Like this is the mask right here obviously for use with a young
child, the dinosaur, they have different kinds that will help enhance the child’s experience
in using the nebuilzer. But for younger children or people that aren’t just going to tolerate
the mess, there’s another way to put the pieces together so that they’re not actually having
something connected to their face.

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