How to Use a Nebulizer : Precautions for Using Nebulizer

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There’s a couple of situations that you want
to be very cautious about in terms of using the nebulizer. One situation would be if you
got somebody nearby that is using an oxygen tank or for whatever reason you’re in an environment
that has additional oxygen than typical, that would be a situation that it would not be
advisable to use the nebulizer. You also want to make sure that if you are using the nebulizer
in cooler temperatures like around 50, 60 degrees it is recommended that you actually
warm up the machine for a few minutes before you use it. So go ahead and plug it in and
you’re not going to have anything attached to it and then turn it on. And then you’re
going to let that run like that maybe 2, 3 minutes just by itself. This gives the machine
an opportunity to kind of get things warmed up before you’re actually trying to put it
into use. And then after it’s ran for the few minutes, turn it off and then you can
actually connect up your tubing and all that and for use with the person.

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