How to use a Nebulizer | Review of Nulife HandyNeb Nebulizer

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November month is going on & this month is known as a The month of love .. The month of heart The month of Kidneys .. the month of Parrot (kidding) Lol .. From November environment become cool or sometime cold This winter season that is the phase of these four months from now onwards this season is of extreme dry & cold kind of so those who are sensitive to the cough & cold or sensitive towards respiratory track allergies So this video is for such people Today I am going to tell you about a biomedical equipment that you must have in your first aid kit if you are not able to buy then also you should know about this For that watch this video till the end This is the machine known as Nebulizer It comes with NULIFE brand & manufactured by Medtech life pvt ltd This product is available in the market with this packaging & it looks really nice Without wasting a time lets unbox this First thing you will notice is the user manual On its another side you need to fill your details This product comes with a one year warranty protection once you open full you will notice a big boring handling instructions but still that you must read afterall its all about your health This is a Nebulizer kit Lets unwrap it & lets have a look on its all components This is known as a mouthpiece which is made up of health friendly plastic It is a medicine cup which is attached from one end with clear non toxic PVC air tube The diameter of both ends of this tube are same & its length is of two meters from this end this tube is attached with a medicine cup this medicine cup is made up of two body parts Inside there is a fixed baffle which is necessary to convert a liquid medicine into a mist There are medicines like this known as respules We need to fill this respule in this medicine cup after that fix both these components of medicine cup & lock them in each other with clockwise rotation air tube is attached here at this end of a medicine cup On the other end mouthpiece is attached those patients who are in a conscious state Those patients with this mouthpiece can inhale medicine by their own But some patients are extremely tired or unconscious For them specialized mask is there You can notice a difference in size accordingly fix this to the patient with the help of this elastic laces we can fix it on a face Now lets take this machine out of the box The body of this machine is of plastic But its hardware is a heavy duty & looks premium There are two vents on either side to promote a ventilation Inside there is a compressor motor of a capacity 90 watt fitted very well Below the machine there are four rubber stoppers that keeps the machine steady on a table With this handle we can carry this machine easily anywhere Although the machine is having powerful compressor still it is less noisy which is quite good thing & important too Because kids always have anxiety towards this noise The air tube is suppose to be connect on an air outlet of this machine On the other end of the tube medicine cup is attached In this cup medicine gets atomized & convert into the mist Patient inhales this mist with this mask There are two groves here at the bottom of the machine so we can hang this on a wall with screw fitting On the other side of box packaging Few good health practices are mentioned which we suppose to follow for a healthy life Finally on this side of packaging the price of this machine is mentioned which is two thousand & nine hundred Indian rupees So yes .. it is an expensive but there are couple of moments when you may fill an importance of this machine while you travelling & when if in our family if anyone gets extremely ill with viral flu or asthma in that state patient may became immobile or he may get bed ridden if patient may require multiple follow ups to the clinic every day & that too just for a nebulization then at that time we realize an importance of this machine & its convenience Yes this product is expensive but if you bargain with your pharmacist then he will definitely agree to give you a good discount on it If you want to know more about this product .. Then I will specify all details below in the description box If you feel this video worthy to share then please pass on its link to your friends If you are watching me for the first time through this video Then don’t forget to press the red button below Also press the bell icon.. to receive timely notifications of all my videos So good bye for the day. See you soon till then Bye bye & high five

45 thoughts on “How to use a Nebulizer | Review of Nulife HandyNeb Nebulizer

  1. Sachin bhai is machin se mn bhot ache se vakif hun mere bde bete ko bhot problm thi thi bchpn me bhot jhela h ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  2. Nice video thnx for sharing video big lke 👍 awsam video hota hai apka daddy ji 😁 me wait karta hai God bless you keep growing

  3. Kya baat hai, nebulizer very much essential for the people who need it 🙄
    Very useful and helpful unboxing and review. 👌👌👌👌thandi ka sardi ka zulam ka cheekon ka mahina,
    November ka mahina – Chacha Nehru Ka Mahina, Thand ka Mahina , Sailaabon ka Mahina.. Wo kya tha Yaar – Tote Ki Maina.. 😀😄😂🤣 👏👏👏 – Awesome bro .

  4. Namaste. Drug daddy,I don't have voice when I woke up today. I have sick, what I need to take? What medicine? I have cough

  5. Bht achi trah bataya nebulizer kaise use KARE. Vaise toh bhagwan kisi ko jrurat na he Dale. But knowledge Hona jruri hai

  6. Awsme dear we used Dt fr my father In law … U alwys share helpful videos .. Apke videos dekh k bore nh hota kbhy keep sharing more all d best fr future n grant success🤗😇

  7. We were actually planning to buy this. Because i have some issue in breathing since few years. But this video helped both of us on deciding. Thank u so much.🙏👍😇

  8. November December toughest phase for new borns and their family
    Nebuliser was a saviour when my kids were young

    acqua fisiologica Libenor ka humne boht use kia
    Instant results milta tha uska for all mild to severe coughs nd colds

  9. Thank you soo much for this video ,I was watching the ad on TV shopping channel but didn't know the nitty grities …very nicely made video👍🏼👍🏼

  10. Hey Sachin thanks for sharing……i have sinus problem,got operated twice.I think this product is blessings for me.Any advice for sinus……. feel free to share 👍👏👏

  11. I have nebuliser at my home coz my daughter has breathing problem specially in winters coz uske naak ki haddi badhi hui hai doctor suggested to operate but I want k bina k operation k thik ho jaye
    Iske liye kuch hai to zarur batana plzzzz

  12. I will share this with my brother, his kids has nasal problem. Very nicely explained Sachin, can we buy this online from amazon, will this brand be available in amazon as well??

  13. Very informative video sachin..i havnt used it till happy to kno the working and how to fix it..may b smday i vil use it or vil guide others how to use it

  14. Mere pas omran ka hai..My younger son is very sensitive…I had to bought dis for him n dis is really very useful

  15. Mere pas machine he maine ye jab liya tha jabujhe meri beti hui thi bacho ke liye bahot jaruri he bacho ko sardi jukham laga hi rehta he to ghar mai ye hona bahot jaruri he great riviw big lyk 👍

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