How to Use a Nebulizer : What Is a Nebulizer?

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A nebulizer is essentially a small compact
air compressor. Nebulizers are used for persons that are having difficulty breathing, typically
with asthma. I was introduced to using a nebulizer when my son was about 9 months old because
he was having repeated problems with colds and a lot of coughing and that kind of thing.
Nebuilzers basically are things that you would be using medication with. It takes a liquid
medication and it puts it into the form of a fine mist and then that mist is therefore
able to be distributed into the lungs. This would be an example of medication that is
used, this is called Xepenex, that is used with a nebuilzer. Rates of asthma has increased
substantially in the United States in the past 20, 30 years. So we are seeing a lot
more use of these. You do want to use nebuilzers in accordance with your physician, they’re
the ones that are going to be recommending specific medication. You can purchase these
at a medical supply store.

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