How to Use a Nebulizer : When to Stop Nebulizer Treatment

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You’ll know when the medication, when it’s
time to turn it off because the medication will be dry down here and sometimes it kind
of does a little bit of sputtering right towards the end but as you can see there’s no more
mist coming out. The medication is gone, it’s dry, so that means that it’s time to take
it out of her mouth and it means that you’ve done what you need to do with that. So you
also want to make sure when the person or the child is using this, that there isn’t
anything dripping out of this area or anywhere like that. If your fingers are wet or if you’re
seeing some droppings down here, then you need to check all of your tightness and the
way the things are fastened together because then there’s a leak and that’s not the proper
way to use this. You don’t want medicine to be dribbling out to the, onto the counter.
And you also want to make sure when you’re using this that the child is fully alert,
the adult is fully alert because you don’t want them to be drowsy or to be sleeping and
depending on the age of the child, they might be able to hold this themselves or cooperate
a little bit more, a little bit less but you do want to monitor, you do want to be around
because if you’ve got a child that has turned it off and on or knocking it down, obviously
that’s not good for the machine, they’re not getting their medication so you do want to
supervise this on particularly with a child that’s her age, 5 or younger.

7 thoughts on “How to Use a Nebulizer : When to Stop Nebulizer Treatment

  1. Thanks for posting this video it was very helpful. I used the mask and had no clue on how to use the mouth piece until now. I didn't know why the other side of the tube was open.

  2. If any of you have the medicine Albuterol don't use the nebulizer for 4-6 hours. I have had to use it sometimes in an emergency at my work place where I had to use my nebulizer at 10:00am & 12:00pm 3 days a week.

  3. Does the same count when using the mask too? That it should be dry with nothing coming out of it? Someone please answer my question I would appreciate it.

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