How to Use a Nebulizer®

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This device is called a Nebulizer. Medication is placed inside the Nebulizer. The airflow from the air compressor turns
the medication into a mist that is inhaled. There are many types of Nebulizer and air
compressor units. Before you prepare a Nebulizer treatment,
wash your hands. Use a clean Nebulizer. Place the medication inside the Nebulizer. Connect the tubing from your Nebulizer to
your air compressor. Put the Nebulizer lid back on. Attach a mouthpiece or a mask to the Nebulizer. A mask is generally used for a child 5 and
under; older children usually use the mouthpiece. Turn the compressor on and make sure the Nebulizer
is misting. If using a mouthpiece, put the mouthpiece
between your teeth and close your lips around it. Hold the Nebulizer in an upright position. Gently breathe in and out while the medication
mists. If you’re using a mask, place the mask on
the Nebulizer and over the person’s nose and mouth. Hold the Nebulizer in an upright position. Gently watch them breathe in and out while
the medication mists. Occasionally tapping the sides of the Nebulizer
will help the medication drop down to where it can be misted. Continue breathing in and out until the Nebulizer
starts to sputter. This means most of the medication is gone. It is important to clean and dry the Nebulizer
unit correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for
cleaning and caring for the Nebulizer unit. Make sure the Nebulizer is completely dry
before storing it.

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  1. No, no, and no. You don't just breathe normally for the duration of the treatment. Every minute or two, you take a deep breath of the mist and take the mouth piece out while holding your breath for as long as you can. You'll feel the medicine go deep into your lungs. If you're like me with asthma, after doing that like twice you'll start to cough up phlem and crap, at which time you can turn the nebulizer off to go spit up that crap. Then you can return doing your treatment. Give it a try fellow suffers. It works better than just sitting there breathing normally until your vial is gone.

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