How to use a pari nebulizer with a mask

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This is a nebulizer with a
mask. There are different nebulizer cups. Your health care
provider will tell you which cup to use for your child’s
medicine. Always use a snug-fitting mask that covers
your child’s nose and mouth. Different nebulizers can be used
to deliver your medicines. In order to get the medicine into
the lungs, children under the age of seven usually need to use
a mask. Older children will learn to use a mouthpiece. Wash
your hands thoroughly with soap and water before use. Plug the
compressor machine into an electrical outlet. Place one
hand on the bottom of the nebulizer cup and the other hand
on top. Twist the top of the cup counter-clockwise to open it. If
the medicine is in a multiple dose container, draw up the
recommended amount of medicine with a dropper or syringe and
place it into the nebulizer. Then add saline if recommended.
If the medicine is in a pre-mixed single dose vial, open
the vial. Pour the medication into the nebulizer cup. Replace
the nebulizer top by twisting clockwise until secure. Attach
the adapter to the mask. Attach the adapter to the nebulizer
cup. Plug one side of the clear plastic tubing to the compressor
machine. Attach the other side of the tubing to the nebulizer
cup. Be careful not to tip over the nebulizer and spill the
medicine. Place the mask on the child’s face and secure with a
strap. Check the seal of the mask so that it fits snugly over
the nose and mouth. It is very important that the mask fit
well. Attach the nebulizer to the mask. The child should sit
upright and be awake during the nebulizer treatment. Turn on the
compressor machine. The liquid medicine will start to bubble
and a fine mist will come out. If the nebulizer is not creating
mist, pour out the medicine, rinse with sterile water, and
start over. If you still do not see a mist, replace the
nebulizer cup. The child should breathe in and out normally
until all medication is gone. A treatment should take about 10
minutes, depending on the nebulizer. If possible, take an
extra deep breath every 10 breaths and hold for 5 to 10
seconds before breathing out slowly. Tap the cup so droplets
of medicine on the sides can be nebulized. You may see and hear
sputtering in the nebulizer cup at the end of the treatment. All
medicine should be gone before turning the machine off. If the
mask is not touching the child’s face during the treatment, the
medicine will be lost into the air and will not get into your
child’s lungs. Do not blow the medicine in or near your child’s
face. This will irritate his eyes and less medicine will get
into the lungs. When the medicine treatment has finished,
wipe your child’s face. If the medicine is an inhaled steroid,
have your child rinse his or her mouth and brush his or her teeth
after each treatment. Make sure you rinse and spit and don’t
swallow! After each treatment, take the nebulizer apart and
remove the mask. Remove any mucus from the mask and clean it
with hot, soapy water. Rinse. Allow it to air dry. Rinse the
medicine out of the nebulizer with sterile water after each
treatment. You can make sterile water by boiling tap water for 5
to 10 minutes. Then let it cool. Shake off any excess water and
air dry by placing on a paper towel. Clean and disinfect the
mask and nebulizer once a week. Clean the nebulizer by washing
all its parts with soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water.
To disinfect, soak the nebulizer parts in a solution of one part
distilled white vinegar and three parts warm water. Rinse
with sterile water. Patients with cystic fibrosis should
clean and disinfect their pari nebulizers after each treatment.
Shake off any excess water and air dry by placing on a paper

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