How to use a peak flow meter

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A peak flow meter measures how
fast and hard you can blow the air out of your lungs. Before
each use, make sure the sliding marker is at the bottom of the
numbered scale. Stand or sit up straight with your chin slightly
lifted and look straight ahead. Keep this position for the
entire time. Blow out and empty your lungs as much as possible.
Breathe in deeply to completely fill your lungs with air. Put
the mouthpiece between your teeth and close your lips
tightly. Do not put your tongue on the mouthpiece. Blow out as
hard and fast as you can through the mouthpiece. The sliding
marker will move up the scale. Look at the number on the meter
to see where the marker stopped. Repeat the steps and measure
your peak flow three times. Record the highest number you
reached. Be sure to reset the meter to zero before each time
that you blow into the meter. Keep a record of your peak flow
number around the same time each day for two weeks while you are
feeling well. The highest number is called your “Personal Best
Peak Flow.” Your asthma action plan will use your peak flow
numbers and give instructions on how to treat your asthma based
on your symptoms and peak flows.

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