How to use a Personal Inhaler

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Hey guys, Christina from Plant Therapy here.
We get a lot of questions about personal inhalers and how to take them apart, put the oil in
and put them back together. So I thought I’d make a video and show you guys how to do it.
First, let’s go over the inhaler. We have the wick which is just a piece of cotton,
i’m going to place it in my little dish. We have the cap it goes on the tube and screws
on. Finally once our wick is full and we stick it inside the tube and there’s the end cap.
So I chose A+Attention to make an inhaler today. I like to put my wick straight up in
my little dish. If you don’t have a little dish you can actually stand it in the lid
just like this. You drop anywhere from 10-15 drops onto your wick. This is good for 3 or
4 weeks and then you’ll wanna refresh. So that was 10 drops and you can see that as
it sits it will soak up the oil and it will travel down the wick. You can insert it into
the bottom of the tube and then snap on the cap. And that’s all. You want to make sure
that you label your inhaler so that you remember which one is which. So we’ll give it a label
and put it on. Now, when it’s time to take your inhaler apart, and you want to change
it. Everybody has a paperclip at home, you can just bend open your paperclip. There’s
holes in the top of the lid. You can put your paperclip down in there and press. If you’re
good, the bottom will just pop right off and now you can refresh your wick. You can refresh
your wick 2 or 3 times, depending on your oil before you should replace it. Remember
oils oxide and after a period of time you just don’t want to inhale them anymore. After
2 or 3 refreshments, you can discard the wick and get a new one. We sell replacement wicks
under the diffuser category at I hope that helps everyone understand how
an inhaler works and we’ll see you guys next time!

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  1. Thanks for making this video. It was a little blurry, but you provided excellent information! I should have thought of using a paper clip to pop off the base, but thank you for that suggeston! Love Plant Therapy! Today, I used Rapid Relief on my sore neck, and it's already helping!

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