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Are you using your inhaler spacer device? Because 90% of patients don’t use their inhalers correctly so you’ve been prescribed the metered dose inhaler and a spacer device but are you using it? I get it though spacers can be bulky and it can be difficult to carry with you especially if you don’t have a bag but remember this (PHONE RINGS) let’s go onto the next scene spacer devices allow more medication to reach the right part of the lungs which means better disease control and possibly less frequent use of your inhaler so before we learn how to use our spacer device let’s take a closer look at it at the front of the spacer is the universal end cap which the metered dose inhaler goes into next is the anti-static chamber which the medication flows through and stops at the valve the valve then opens when you breathe from the mouthpiece some spacers also have a mask where the mouthpieces is but the mechanisms are all the same now let’s learn how to use it step 1! remove the cap from your inhaler and from your spacer and look inside them both to make sure there’s no foreign objects inside it step 2! prime your inhaler if it’s the first time you’re using it or you haven’t used it for a while every inhaler is different so always read the information leaflet it’s usually two sprays away from yourself and now it’s primed so you’re gonna get the right amount of medicine per dose step 3! shake your inhaler so the drug mixes with the propellant “do you mean like this?” exactly like that because if you don’t mix you’re gonna get more propellant coming out than drug similar concept to deodorant step 4! stand or sit upright, tilt your head back, breathe out gently and then wrap your lips around the mouthpiece without biting it it’s important to hold your inhaler like this so it’s straight and not like this step 5! now it’s time for the fun bit but there’s going to be two techniques that I show you and their both as good as each other, so there’s the single breathing one and the tidal breathing technique which is the preferred method for children breathe in slow and deep just after you begin to breathe in press the canister down and continue to inhale remove the spacer from your mouth and continue holding your breath for 10 seconds or as long as is comfortable then breathe out gently and that’s the first technique now let’s see
tidal breathing technique just after you begin to breathe in press the canister down breathe in and out normally three times through your mouth if your aerochamber has a mouthpiece like mine or five times if it has a mask remember you don’t need to hold your breath at the end of this technique now that, was fantastic! and if you hear that whistling sound,
but I think it sounds more like a harmonica it means you’re inhaling in too fast so slow it down and if you need to take another dose repeat the whole process again after 30 to 60 seconds and once you’ve finished replace the cap on your inhaler and your spacer now that you know the technique here’s some additional information which you may find useful tip 1! make sure the spacer forms a good seal around the inhaler and if it doesn’t speak to your pharmacist
about it wash your spacer once a week by soaking in lukewarm water with mild detergent for 15 minutes then rinse well after washing allow the parts to air dry in a vertical position don’t dry using a cloth as it can cause static which makes the medication stick to it tip 3! replace your spacer every 6 to 12 months and that’s it you’re now a spacer pro and as always make sure to like, comment and tag friends who’ll find this information useful hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos it’s important to rip your lips (LAUGHTER), rip your lips if I play this flute will you dance I also made a video (LOUD CRASHING SOUND) when I film there’s like a massive skip outside (LOUD CRASHING SOUND) (LAUGHTER) it’s like filling waste

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