How to use an Aerolizer Inhaler Device

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—-Introduction Music Plays— Like all of the dry powder inhalers, the Aerolizer requires an appropriate inspiratory force and patient effort. Therefore it should be inhaled with a quick, deep breath to deliver the medication appropriately to the lungs. Let’s watch as Casey describes and demonstrates how to use the Aerolizer to Mrs. Ryan. Hello Mrs. Ryan. Hi. I’m Casey. I’m here today to show you how to use a new inhaler device. This one is called an Aerolizer. Now the Aerolizer has Formoterol, which is a capsule that comes, and it’s a dry, white powder. It’s a long-acting bronchodilator, so it’ll open up your airways for 12 hours. Ok. So you’ll be inhaling one capsule, twice a day. OK. Now let me show you how to use the device. First thing you do with the Aerolizer is you take off the dust cap. Take off the blue cap. Uh hum. Now you’re going to open up the device. There’s a little arrow, luckily, showing you which direction, but it’s counterclockwise here. Now you see at the bottom, there’s a place to put a capsule. Oh yeah. So you now open up one capsule, luckily only one at a time. You can’t open more than one because they get kind of gummy when they’re exposed to air. Open up one capsule and place it in the bottom. Good. Now you close it back up until it snaps, or clicks, into place. Now you’re going to be piercing the capsule. You see on either side some blue buttons. Right. You’re going to squeeze those together until you hear a crunch. Excellent. Ok. Now since this has a dry, white powder, you’re going to not blow into, or exhale into, the device or else it will gum up the medication. Oh, yeah. So you exhale away, breathe out away, you’re going to have a deep, sharp inhalation; hold your breath for 10 seconds; and then exhale. So exhale, inhale. Excellent. Now if you feel like you haven’t gotten all the dose, you can do the 2nd dose by just inhaling once again, usually wait a minute, exhale, inhale. Excellent. Now what you do is open up the device, and you’re going to throw this capsule in the trash. Good. Close up the device. Now if you need to you can wipe off the mouthpiece, but don’t put it in water, since this uses a dry, white powder, you don’t want to gum up the medication. Right Then you put the top back on. That’s it? That’s it. Now remember these capsules that come in here are to be inhaled, not to be swallowed. So some people think that it would be much easier to swallow it, but it won’t work that way. OK. Just to use with your Aerolizer. Now can you show me how to use this? Oh, wow, OK. Take this off and it opens that way. Don’t swallow it. Good! It fits right in there, this closes back over. Now I’ll pierce it. Excellent. And if I needed a 2nd one I would do it again. Excellent! Excellent! Is that right? That’s perfect. Okay. Now how do you dispose of the capsule? Let’s see, open it back up and toss it out. Good. And then I close this, and if I needed to, I wipe it off. Then just lift the top right back on. Excellent. Any questions? I don’t think so. Thanks, Casey. You’re welcome.

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  1. Well Done!! I also love the music and graphics that lead into the video. That's a great teaching technique: Get the student to re-teach what has just been learned.

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