24 thoughts on “How to Use an Aspirator to Remove Mucus | Infant Care

  1. Before everyone starts complaining with how you miss old Howcast or with some other BS, please take a second to think and realise that videos like this can be really useful to some people. Thanks.

  2. Geez, too much work for having a baby! o_O In addition to the non–stop crying at 2 am in the morning, the constant feeding and pooping and diaper changes. Now this. But it's worth it though, I guess.

  3. I was a very quiet baby, they told me. In fact, they had to bring me to the doctor's several times to see what was "wrong" with me because I wan't acting "normal" for babies (i.e. too much crying, etc.).

    And no, I'm not some depressed person now. LOL!

  4. hi,,my baby is 7 months old and shes having terrible cough and colds because of the weather. i dont give her any medicine as it looks a normal cough and colds, its just that shes irritated when shes coughing especially at night that will wake her up and cried.. does nebulizer with salinase (sodium chloride) will help? or pls tell me what are the things i need to do for her to feel better at night. thanks

  5. OMG no! You use 1-2 DROPS of saline, NOT 1-2 SQUIRTS!!!! My Dr was extremely specific- DROPS – as in eye dropper size drops! What the hell lady!

  6. If i am watching your video it means i'm hell'a concern about my baby and you are showing a doll ? Demonstrate it on a real baby or i ain't buying it 👎

  7. It's so damn easy to do whatever with a doll! Only if babies stayed this still and calm during all these procedures!! Rubbish!! Even a 6 year old can do these to a doll!

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