How to use an Autohaler Device

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–Introduction Music Plays– This device is the only breath-activated MDI that must be primed when first used and if not used for over 48 hours. Because it is an MDI the patient should inhale slowly to deliver the medicine appropriately to the lungs. Let’s watch as Casey describes and demonstrates how to use the Autohaler to Mrs. Ryan. Hello Mrs. Ryan, I’m Casey. I’m here today to show you how to use a new inhaler device. Oh good. This one’s called an Autohaler. An Autohaler uses Pirbuterol. Pirbuterol is a short-acting bronchodilator so it’ll open up your airways for about 4-6 hours. So your clinician has prescribed this Autohaler, let me show you how to use it. Ok. So the first thing you’re going to do is take off the dust cap from the mouthpiece. There’s a little lip on the backside that kind of helps you pop it off. Now, with this Autohaler the first time you use it, it needs to be primed, and if you haven’t used it for more than 48 hours it needs to be primed, also. So let me show you how to do that. Ok. So what you’re going to do is lift the lever till it clicks. You’re lever will be white, this one is just red for the demonstration device. Now on the bottom there’s a white slide. That white slide is how you prime it. So you don’t use it when you inhale, but you use it to prime the device. So as we prime it make sure you’re pointing it away from your face because because you’re going to get a plume of medication. Ok. So we’ve lifted the lever, we’re going to shake it, now use the white slide. Excellent. So you’re going to prime it two times, so you put the lever back down, lever back up, shake and prime it. Lever back down. Now we’re ready to inhale. So the Autohaler uses your breath to activate it. So it only activates when you breathe in, so it’s a nice one, you don’t have to have any special timing. So let’s do this together, you lift up the lever till it clicks, you shake it, you exhale, or breathe out away from it. Now you’re going to put your mouth and lips all the way around the mouthpiece. Slow deep inhalation, hold your breath for 10 seconds and then exhale. Excellent. It’s usually 2 puffs, so you would do the same action again, lever down, lever back up, shake and inhale. Excellent. Now if you need to you can wipe off the mouthpiece but other than that, don’t place it in water because you do not want to get this wet. OK. This has 400 doses in it, so that’s many doses, but as you can see there’s no counter on here, so you have to count the doses yourself. Usually I say either use a calendar to kind of guestimate how many doses you use, or some people even put a piece of tape where they can put hash marks on the device. So, that’s the only drawback of this, it doesn’t have a counter. I see. So why don’t you show me how to use it. Ok, now I don’t need to prime it again because I just did. Correct. Ok, let’s see I take that piece off, and this goes up. Correct. I don’t have to shake it. Shake it. I do have to shake it? Good question. And then I would do it a second time if that’s what my doctor said to do. Good. Or do it a second time every time? Usually there would be 2 inhalations. Ok. So your clinician will let you know. Ok. Then I would put this back down. Lever back down, uh-huh. Then wipe it off. Uh-huh. And then put this back on? Correct. Ok. Excellent, any questions? Just keeping track of, I think, 400 doses would be a little bit of a hassle, but otherwise, no. And when do you prime it? Only if I haven’t used it for 48 hours or if it’s the first time. Correct, correct, wonderful.

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