How To Use an EpiPen

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I’m allergic to nuts. I can’t eat strawberries. Milk doesn’t like me. Mommy says I got an allergy. I get all red and bumpy. My eyes get puffy, like this. I don’t breathe so good. My tongue gets itchy. It made me really scared. This- Is- My- EpiPen My EpiPen Take it out of the case and pop off the cap.
Make a fist, like this. Like this. Kids like me sit on laps. Bigger kids sit
or lie down. Here’s the spot, just hold my leg still. Press, click and hold. Be sure
you hear the click. Hold it there for 10 seconds. That’s 10 seconds. Always have an extra
EpiPen ready, because the medicine can wear off. Then call 9-1-1. Easy, right? Today, doctors are seeing more and more children
with allergies, especially food allergies. In a room of 20 kids, one or more of them
will have allergies. While most allergic reactions result in merely uncomfortable symptoms, some
anaphylactic reactions may be more serious and even life-threatening. About 150 children
and young adults die from food allergies every year in the United States. Due to the unpredictable
nature of allergic reactions, over 2.4 million epinephrine auto-injectors, such as this,
are currently being prescribed. EpiPens deliver medicine quickly and effectively. But they
only work if there is somebody around who knows where the pen is, when to use it, how
to use it and will actually do it. Times when you need to use an EpiPen can be
stressful and may even be life-threatening, so it is important to have a plan of action
so you can calmly react to the situation. Knowing when to use an EpiPen can be easy.
If a child eats something they’re allergic to, has hives and is wheezing, give the shot.
Sometimes however, symptoms may not be as obvious. So, if you are in doubt, always give
the shot. You may not even have known what the child has eaten. But if you do suspect
an allergic reaction or a child is demonstrating two or more symptoms, don’t wait. The longer
you wait to administer an EpiPen, the harder it is to stop an allergic reaction, mild or
sever, and allergic reactions can change from mild to fatal, quickly. No child has ever died or had serious problems
from a standard dose of epinephrine. To protect the child in your life, be prepared — memorize
these steps and practice them. Review each child’s action plan. Know where each child’s EpiPen is — locate
it. Epi=911. If you get it, call it. Take the EpiPen out of its case. Hold it in a firm fist-grip. Remove the cap. Make sure the child is sitting or lying down. Identify the big muscle in the thigh. Hold the leg and the child steadily. Press the orange part firmly against the thigh
so that it clicks — stay there, don’t bounce. Hold for 10 seconds — Press, Click and Hold. Some of you may have an epinephrine injector
that looks like this. This training device has yellow caps, but yours may have a different
color. This has the same medicine as the EpiPen, the same kind of spring-loaded needle, and
is used for exactly the same reasons. This injector has two safety caps. Hold the injector
in a fist grip. Don’t put your thumb on either end. Remove both safety caps. The red
end is the action end. That’s where the needle comes out. Remember, red to the leg.
The red end should not touch anything else. Again, make sure the child is sitting or lying
down and hold for 10 seconds. For this device the needle will remain exposed after use.
Please put it down carefully or put it back in the case. And if you haven’t done so
already, call 911. As with any emergency medication or device, please be familiar with it before
you use it.

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  1. I’m allergic to nuts and my adrenaclick saved my life adrenaclick is a different brand of epipen btw thank you for teaching me how to use an epipen

  2. Its very scared that knowing that u could die from allergies. I personally get stressed knowing that u can get stung or anything at any time. I went to a trip today and i was so shook i didn't go. I hate allergies because i have like 34 please be couscous of what u are doing and if ur face swells up u go to a doc and they will check u out by doing a blood test.

  3. I'm severely allergic to dairy and I'll die if i eat it, and i ate it, but i didn't do an epipen! Benadryl my buddy ❤

  4. The videos never show how much was used – how to read the little window that shows the amount. Damn it!!

  5. Asian Hornets

    People of the United Kingdom
    This news is not a hoax,
    If you suffer from anaphylaxis
    Make sure you have antidote.

    The Asian Hornet is coming
    One sting can kill it's true,
    For those with anaphylaxis
    Keep Epi Pen on you.

    Epinephrine autoinjectors
    Are hand-held devices you see,
    They can save a persons life
    If they are used properly. (ee)

    Carried by those who suffer
    From severe allergic reaction,
    If you suspect anaphylaxis
    Then you must take action.

    In short they're called Epipen,
    If not given person may die,
    The ideal spot is in the middle
    Of the outer side of thigh.

    It can be used through clothing
    Don't get yourself in a flap,
    Take Epipen out of the case
    Now pop off the cap.

    Place in hand and make a fist
    Now you must be bold,
    Whilst Epipen is in your fist
    Press into thigh! Click! Hold!

    Make sure you hear the click
    Hold for seconds ten,
    Ask the person if they have
    An additional Epipen.

    For a better understanding
    Please follow link below,
    This will take you to youtube
    For life saving video.

    William Mckechnie
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  6. Thanks for putting valuable information on as you said that more and more children are getting food allergies nowadays.

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