How to Use an Inhaler (With Spacer and Mask)

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The most common way to take asthma medicine
is with an inhaler. The medicine from an inhaler is sprayed out
and needs to be breathed deep into the lungs. In order to get the medicine all the way into
the lungs, you need to use a spacer. If you don’t use a spacer, less than half
of the medicine will make it into the lungs. Most will stick in your mouth and throat. We will show how to use an inhaler with a
spacer and facemask. Before taking your inhaler, always look at
the counter on the back. This tells you if you still have medicine. If it is on zero, the inhaler does not have
any medicine left even if you see a mist come out. You need to get a new one as soon as possible. Step 1: Stand or sit up straight Step 2: Remove the protective dust cap that covers the mouthpiece. Step 3: Connect the inhaler to the spacer. Also make sure the mask is firmly connected
to the spacer mouthpiece. Step 4: Shake the inhaler hard, at least 5
times. Make sure the inhaler stays straight up and
down while you shake it. Step 5: Place the mask firmly against your
child’s face, making sure to keep a good seal at all times. Step 6: Push on the top of the inhaler to make it
spray medicine. Step 7: Hold the mask in place for 6-8 slow
deep breaths. Watch the valve flap on the top of the spacer. This valve flap goes up and down with each
breath. If you hear the spacer whistle, your child’s
breathing in was too fast. Step 8: Take a break that is long enough for
your child to catch her breath again. Step 9: Shake the inhaler again before each
puff if more than one puff is ordered. Remember, if you have questions call your
doctor or asthma care team. Bring your inhaler and spacer to every visit
for asthma so you can show us the technique you use.

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  1. You forgot to mention the final step of rinsing your mouth out which is very important. Not rinsing your mouth out can result in thrush. I use Asmanex and Ventolin on a daily basis and know that trush is not a fun thing, yuk…

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