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get the maximum benefit from your asthma inhaler by watching this video watch how your lungs appear in asthma. Asthma causes your lungs to become hypersensitive that is any particulate matter or allergen will cause a reaction in your lungs pollen or other allergens enter your lungs and causes
the bronchioes to swell up they also cause your bronchioles to
become narrow this reduces the space for air to pass
through causing the feeling of tightness in the chest the allergens also cause the cells to
produce more mucus due to all of this the space available for air
reduces causing the classical symptoms of asthma like shortness of breath, tightness of chest and coughing let us learn why inhaler is the most effective method of treatment in asthma pills and intravenous medications do not
reach your lungs directly inhalers provide instant relief as
they are directly deposited in the lungs they have minimal side effects as does
is drastically reduced and are directly absorbed in our lungs
providing immediate relief now let us learn the breathing pattern
required for your metered dose inhaler what if you choose to breathe and
quickly and deeply if you breathe in quickly the medicine was
stick to the back of your throat this is because the air stream will directly hit the back of your throat what if you choose to breathe and very
slowly. if you breathe in very slowly this will cause the airflow to stay in
your mouth for some time and the medicine will be delivered on the sides of your
mouth and tongue. you have to breath in slowly and deeply
for the medicine to reach your lungs directly learn to breath through your mouth slowly
and deeply from our tool learn to breathe breathe in and breathe out along with
the breath bar remember sinking your breath with the
breath will help you learn to breathe in slowly and deeply learn when to press the canister of your inhaler what if you choose to press the inhaler after you breathe in completely pressing the cannister before or after
breathing is the common mistake medicine sticks to your tongue as there
is no airflow to take the drug down a lungs learn and practice when to press your inhealer from the real instructor now we learn to inhale tool.

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  1. Hey good animations. I liked your website too. Useful stuff for Asthma patients, I am COPD patient but I found the inhaler training very useful.

  2. Very effective. You can also go to useinhaler website to learn more techniques on more inhalers or learn the technique in Spanish. There are inhaler lessons you can take to understand the proper technique. Check it out. It is free right now. It can only help.

  3. Hi! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Asthozilax Secrets (do a search on google), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you considered home remedy called Asthozilax Secrets? I have heard many great things about it and my mate completely cures his asthma naturally with this remedy.

  4. after pressing the inhaler, should i start breathing in immediately when using a spacer? when to breathe in ? i am having doubt with the timing

  5. Very Cool !! not only help understand how to use inhaler correctly but also shows what are Asthma affects on your lungs.

  6. Hey I love your video, especially your advices and ideas about causes of asthma. Found sth useful for asthma relief
    p.s maybe you guys love to know about Knewreck Asthma Eradicator Guide, kind of sth new useful for asthma treatment – it should be on google if you need it

  7. Using a breathing method (safely) BEFORE you use your relief inhalers can reduce need for the drug by avg 90% – in published trials.

  8. one time i used it and i thought it work beacuse i had gym at school and i could not breath so my coach to me to the locker room and said use my inhaler and he showed me how and i did and i felt a lot better and he told me to keep it on me at all times

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