How to use Handihaler inhaler

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open the dust cap by pulling it up open the mouthpiece place the capsule in the center chamber it does not
matter which end is placed in the chamber. Close the mouthpiece firmly and till you hear a click
leave the dust cap open. Press the piercing button once and release this makes holes in the
capsule and allows the medication to be released when you breathe in. Breathe out completely away from the
handihaler. Holding the handihaler horizontally, place the mouthpiece in your
mouth and breathe in quickly and deeply. You should hear the
capsule rattle as you breathe in. Remove the mouthpiece, hold your breath for 10 seconds or as long
as you are comfortable and breathe out slowly through mouth or nose. Breathe in once again through the mouthpiece. This ensures that
you get your complete dose of medicine. Open the mouthpiece, remove the used capsule and dispose it.
Do not store capsules in the handihaler. Close the mouthpiece and dust cap for storage of the handihaler.

8 thoughts on “How to use Handihaler inhaler

  1. I have gone through a few videos of Handihaler demonstration but this one is really better than the rest (which I watched).

  2. Very interesting series you have put together .. how is this funded? .. any data on whether it helps improve the technique?

  3. Remove the capsule from the blister pack just before you take your dose. Do not open the capsule. It does not matter which end of the capsule is placed in the chamber.

    Dr Jigna Shrotriya.

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