How To Use Nasal Spray | How To Use Nasal Spray Properly | Nasal Spray Technique (2018)

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This is going to be the best nasal spray
instructional video you’ve ever seen, trust me so before we learn how to use
our nasal spray I just want to run through how it actually works
because it’s gonna help me explain a few different points to you, here’s my nasal
spray they all more or less work the same way you have your container at the
bottom which contains the medicine a feed tube which goes up to the spray
pump tip which when you press produces a fine mist, now let’s look at this it also
works in a similar way to your nasal spray now I know it’s not a medical
device but the reason I’m showing it to you is that you’d never spray it like
this would you? Because if you did you’d quickly learn that it doesn’t work which is
precisely why you should always hold your nasal spray upright when you’re
using it because just like the other example if the feed tube isn’t in the
solution it’s not going to work properly so let’s say you’ve just collected your
new nasal spray or you haven’t used to your old one in a while, now are you
remembering to prime it before you use it what you doing? “umm I just thought I’d do your scene for you” oh right (LAUGHTER) well if it’s good I’ll use it. So priming
allows the chambers to fill properly so you get the right amount of medicine
each time you use it so to prime a nasal spray all you do is point away
from yourself do a few sprays until it produces a fine
mist and now it’s ready to use so the first thing that you need to do is blow
your nose then shake your nasal spray and remove the dust cap now let’s
observe how it’s done but make sure you watch the full video because I’m going
to show you common mistakes which many patients make which you can avoid the
first thing you do is tilt your head forward now let’s say we’re gonna spray
in our left nostril I’m gonna pull the nostril with my left hand and spray with
my right hand now if we’re going to spray it in the right nostril we’re
going to do it the opposite way so I’m going to pull with my right hand I’m
gonna spray with my left hand now let’s watch how it’s done
insert the tip into the nostril at the proper angle so up and slightly out so
it’s almost towards the corner of your eye whilst in the nostril this way the
spray can get into your sinus cavities now you can spray (NASAL SPRAY SOUND)
so the trick is small little sniffs like that just keeps it in place and stops it
from dripping out ok mistake number one probably the most common mistake I see patients making and that’s that they lean back when they use their nasal spray
and they also snort as soon as they’ve used their nasal spray so I’m going to demonstrate this put the nasal spray to you so you can avoid making the same mistake so they
lean back like this put the nasal spray in their nose (NASAL SPRAY SOUND) and snort as soon as they press the nasal spray now if you do this the medicine isn’t going to stay where
it’s meant to be and it’s all gonna go in your throat and it’s gonna leave a
horrible taste mistake number two many people tend to use their right hands to
spray in both nostrils which is great for your left nostril because you’re
able to get the correct angle which I mentioned earlier but when it comes to
your right nostril you end up spraying into your septum and that can cause
bleeding and irritation so like I mentioned earlier switch hands so you’re
able to get the correct angle why is Abraham the pharmacist calling me hello “hey Abraham the pharmacist, it’s Abraham the pharmacist” hi Abraham the pharmacist “I’ve been using this nasal spray but I can’t feel anything I don’t think it’s working” well are you following my video guide? “of
course I am your videos are the best” (LAUGHTER) you’re too nice but are you remembering
to take off the little cap on the top of the nasal spray? “oh this little cap
thanks Abraham the pharmacist” if you’re a pharmacist watching this video I’m sure that scenario has happened to you loads of times for some strange reason
patients forget to remove this cap before they use it so if you’re using a
nasal spray please remove the cap before you use it and please put it back on
once you’re done and that’s it you’re now a nasal spray pro let me know how
you get all my guide by leaving a comment below because I’d love to read it
and as always with any medication please always read the information leaflet that
comes with it and if you have any further questions ask your amazing
friendly pharmacist hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay
up to date with new weekly videos and it’s a work out (WHISPERING) don’t distract me “I’ll try not to” (LAUGHTER) no I can’t cause I’m smiling now So…So Nadia Levett photography, shall we do it again?

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  1. Hahaha an excellent video again. Informative and humorous. Loved the conversation between the two Abrahams. I think it's your best video to date. Plus, I have that blue shirt, so you're choice in fashion is impeccable 😉

  2. Hey Abe, great video, Iv been given a Mometasone spray for a sinus infection and am wondering about the nose bleeds??? Is this a steroid related thing or just bad aiming??? Cheers.

  3. After sniffed, should you swallow the liquid? Or should you blow your nose? It does not dry out and feels uncomfortable.

  4. I just got diagnosed with sinus infection and didn't know how to use the spray so thank you for sharing this!

  5. Wish Google Assistant had your voice… You're English accent is really good 😄🤓.. Which country you're from??

    [I must include this is my first ever comment on youtube]

    you really made a good video😁

  6. Hey Abraham, thanks for the video it helped alot! I have a question tho. I've been having some problems with my nose for a while now(more than a year for sure). I feel like i can't get enough breathe especially while walking outside or when i talk nonstop. Been to many doctors, they all seemed to be suspicious of Allergic Rhinitis thus gave me nasal sprays to use which i did. I don't feel like it's getting any better. I also have reflux idk if they can somehow be related? I keep sniffing unintentionally and people around me are getting annoyed by it. I really want to put an end to this. What would you suggest to me to get rid of this nonstop sniffing aswell as feeling short on breathe

  7. Thanks for making the most entertaining how to video on nasal spray. I made all the common mistakes. I even blew my nose after I sprayed my nostrils. I even convinced myself I felt better…

  8. So my dad gave me a nasal spray to help my nose and apparently you’re not supposed to use it for more than three days and now my nose is heavily clogged and relies on the spray entirely just to just a small breath for 30 seconds. What do I do now

  9. Wow this was great and easy I am a first timer could you go slower when you do the spraying which hand does what thanks !!

  10. I been using the spray wrong the whole time thx bro. I currently can’t sleep right now because of my allergies and have work tomorrow ;( but I tried this and it’s kinda work working right now. Once your done spraying your nose the correct way you should sit down and take a couple of breaths with your mouth close this helps a lot I feel better.

  11. I'm really scared to use nasal spray. I don't know why, but every time I go to do it, I wuss out and don't go through with it. I guess I'm just afraid what it will feel like. From the time I was really young, getting even a little water up my nose always gave me huge headaches and made me feel like I was choking. I also am afraid of any possible complications that could arise from using a nasal spray. This should be the easiest thing ever. I'm pointing a thing up my nose and spraying it. Not exactly difficult. But yet it isn't the process that scares me, but rather, how it will feel to me that worries me. I tried watching this video to have somebody show me how easy it is and see their reaction to using it, but I also realize you've probably got experience, not a first timer. What's this sensation feel like? If you're still not clear how scary this is to me, I'd choose getting a shot in my arm currently over spraying up my nose due to the unfamiliarity factor.

  12. Hi Abraham, some patient information leaflets say to close the other nostril with a finger while administering the spray. Would you recommend advising this to patients ?

  13. My Doc made me watch this vid! Super helpful, I really want to get it right bc I'm done with my sinus issues!

  14. Ok so I just moved to a new country where I’m still learning the language and unfortunately I developed so many allergies I never had back in England. I stumbled across this video whilst looking for how alleviate symptoms and I’m so glad I did. Just picked up my nasal spray in Korea and can’t wait to use it properly 😂

  15. Can I just point out how interesting you made a video about NASAL SPRAY! Like, wut? but also I appreciate it. rock on dude.

  16. Using nasal ketamine. This was hugely important. I thought I had to snort it like a Breaking Bad drug monkey. Yes. I'm green. And naive. So fun "drinking" it through my nose and not really getting the medication. So PRIME the spayer. Didn't do that either. And just take little sniffs to keep it in your nose. Don't play human vacu-suck. Got it.

  17. Nice Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched – Yenamilla Sniffing Reformed (google it)? It is a good one off guide for curing nasal polyps permanently and naturally minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

  18. Hello newbie here but I took cortisone steroid shot for my sinus problems n allergies and later that night I did fluticasone propionate spray and it's causing me headaches do Anyone know why please Respond ASAP THX Blessings to u all..

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  20. I got mine nasal spray today and i'm a bit scared. But a got a bit confidence when i watch your video. Thanks abraham!

  21. Thanks dude! A nasal spray was prescribed for me. Absolutely no instructions on how to use . Duh! So glad I found your easy to follow step by step instructions.

  22. I just got a nasal spray and in the instructions, it told me a little bit about the angles so it doesn't sting but it was not very clear. Thank you for this video now I know the correct angles for each nostril.

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  24. Nasal spray is horrid and doesn`t work. Good going, big pharma. What do they give rich people? Not this placebo, I`ll guess!!!

  25. This truly is the best nasal spray video I have ever seen in my entire life 2 thumbs up love this guy he should become the president of the United States.

  26. Thank you for the tutorial, this was really helpful. I have a question though, would I be able to get away with just doing one side of the nostril or does it have to be both?

  27. thankyou i removed the whole pomp instead of only the deksel so nothing came out after seeing this i put the pomp back on and did it again. Now lets hope it all stays away.

  28. But the package instructions for my nasal spray tells me to breathe in while I spray the medicine into my nostril.

  29. I feel kind of stupid, but do I have to poke a hole in the top of the applicator tip first? I've removed the clear cap and there seems to be no exit for the nasal spray

  30. Wow thank you so much! I have Osler Weber Rendu Syndrome, which causes me to get Nose Bleeds. It's incurable, but the only thing that seems to help is using Nasal Sprays. Never knew I was using them incorrectly though, so I'm glad I watched this!

  31. I just ordered Vicks sinus severe online and it came in a eyedropper bottle. No joke. The only way to extract the medicine is to pour it down my throat through my nose. Lmfao.

  32. I do it right and I take off the cap, when I do it the medicine just hits the skin and goes back down, can someone help me 🤒

  33. OMG my nasal spray always goes down my throat cause the instructions say to squirt and sniff. I tried what you said squirt at an angle and small sniffs then once it stopps dripping you can breathe normal. I tried and I can't taste it in my throat this is amazing I almost stopped the sprays and was gonna ask for antihistamine pills instead

  34. Thanks – just the information I was looking for. One video I saw said to spray toward your EAR. But I can aim at the outside corners of my eyes easily.

  35. I have an ear infection. I also have sensory processing disorder which means I am sensitive to a lot of things. I was always told that if the nasal spray is in my throat, that means my sinuses are open. Should I keep using it to unclog my left ear?

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  37. This doesn’t work for me :’( I men thank you and everything but I need help. One of my nose holes gets blocked when I sleep or lay down. Not the same hole. They switch and triggered by cold. Why is that ?

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