How to use Peppermint Essential Oil

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Hi, my name is Nikki Fraser, I’m a certified aromatherapist health practitioner with Blissfully Botanics and today I want to kick off my 10 part series with talking about peppermint essential oil But before we get into that just a quick disclaimer with all of the information that I have to provide is that it has not been evaluated by the FDA or Health, Canada It is not intended to treat diagnosed cure or prevent any disease The information is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified health care professional And you should seek the advice of your health care professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes the material provided hearing is for educational purposes only. So back to the fun stuff And it’s like I said, today I’m going to kick off my 10 part series and talk about peppermint essential oil. This is a fantastic oil for so many different things it is Analgesic so it’s really helpful with any kind of pain discomfort, it’s antispasmodic Its antiviral its antibacterial Its anti-inflammatory So many great ways of using the essential oil. So a couple ways of using the essential oil is aromatically and topically, so I’ll kind of show you a few different ways on how to do that. If you’re going to use it aromatically you can just Smell it out of the bottle Not always the best way of doing it because they are very volatile So you don’t want to keep the lid off all the time So you could either make a personal inhaler and use that you could put a drop Rub your hands together cup it over your nose and just take a big deep breath in This you really want to make sure you close your eyes because it is very strong and can get in your eyes and just doing that a few times. It will really help, one open your airway Is that just like clears everything up, and it kind of gives you that burst of energy. So that’s somewhere where you know that two o’clock slump is and instead of reaching for your third fourth fifth cup of coffee You know inhaling peppermint essential oil is a great way to give you that, uh, Mental fatigue that boost that you really need just to get through the rest of the day other amazing ways of using it is any kind of discomfort. So if you have any kind of head discomfort I like to apply it, and so this is where we apply it topically. Add a drop into your hand, and I don’t have any fraction of coconut oil here with me, But adding add some fractionated coconut oil, or jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil, or avocado oil, any of those oils, And just applying it around your hairline on your temples keeping it away from the eyes because it is very strong, and all just down the back of your hairline right here and I’ll just kind of help melt any of that tension away. If you’ve done any kind of workouts lately and your muscles are just very fatigued Massaging that into those muscles would really help awaken those muscles up and make them feel a lot better It’s a really good tonic for your digestive system. So if you just ate something that didn’t agree with you if it’s the holidays And you just have this massive meal or you just encourage too much, any of those situations It’s really good to apply that and just rub it along your belly And you’ll just kind of feel that grossness just kind of disappear. If your digestive system is moving too fast or too slow It helps just regulate your system so that you have you know a good healthy digestive system, which is what we all want. Other really good ways of using it is if you have any kind of nausea, you have morning sickness, or just you know feeling under the weather. It’s a really good way to help alleviate any of that nausea feeling. If you are dizzy, also it kind of helps just restabilized you It can helped bring any other essential oils that you’re using kind of deeper into you as well. It just kind of helps enhance the other benefits of other essential oils also. It’s really good for mouthwash Adding a drop into your water Swishing it around and spitting it out, make sure you spit it out though. Don’t want to swallow it But you know just swishing that around it’ll help, you know with that antibacterial antiviral anything that’s going on will help really well with that. If you have any kind of itchiness Skin irritations any kind of random skin thing happening. A lot of times if we’re anxious or anything like that sometimes We kind of get those red blotches, and it’s really itchy. Again applying and every time I say applying I always mean diluted so always always always dilute! Applying that oil to any of that skin irritation spots can really help relieve the itchiness and Relieve any of that redness as well. There are so many great ways of using peppermint oil. Help open up those Airways like I said is you know one of the main ways of thinking about it. It’s also Really good for just bug repellents, too Ants don’t like it Mice don’t like it things like that really really Beneficial for that. Now there are a few Concerns with peppermint essential oil you want to make sure you keep it away from children under the age of five. You don’t want it close to their faces It can be very over stimulating for their little lungs. So you know me breathing that in it gave me that nice big burst of energy. But the on on little ones it can be a little much so we want to keep it away from their faces Under the age of five. Another really good way or another really important thing to avoid is if you are nursing mom It can decrease the milk supply for certain women so some women have no issues with it it really depends on each person at the beginning of my nursing After my children when I would start nursing I would avoid it just to make sure that my milk was established. You know a few months in when I knew I could pretty much feed an entire village then I Wasn’t as worried about using peppermint. But I did wait You know a good six months to a year before I would use it the way that I use it now Which is quite frequently. I would just use a sparingly when needed before that. So another really good way to is you know if you’re feeling hot for whatever reason. Your body temperature is overheating. It is a very cooling oil. And that’s why it’s also really good for any kind of muscle tension it gives you that nice Warming, but cooling effect. So you want to make sure you’re careful with it too. Especially in the winter time You don’t want to slather yourself with it, and then go outside And you know in this snow because you’ll really feel that coolness on you However in the summer time especially if your air conditioner has broken or anything where it’s very very humid out I live in a very humid climate, I have a I have a rollerball That’s pre diluted, and I’d bring that with me And I just kind of roll that on the back of my neck quite often And it just kind of helps keep my body temperature down when I’m out and about in the day. Out in that hot sun So those are a few of the fantastic ways that I like to use peppermint essential oil Stay tuned for My other parts of this series. It’s going to be a great series for the top ten like I said, please leave a comment Hit the like button and subscribe to my channel to stay tuned for all the next videos. Have a great day, bye.

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