How to Use Qvar Autohaler Asthma Inhaler

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Take the cap from the mouthpiece. Shake the Autohaler well. Hold upright and push the lever up until it clicks into place. Breathout completely away from the inhaler. Keep the Autohaler
in your mouth. Place the Autohaler in your mouth & breath in slowly and deeply.
You’ll hear a click when the medication is released. Keep breathing in until you take a full breath. Remove the mouth
piece and hold your breath for 10 seconds as long as you are
comfortable and breath out through your mouth or nose . Press the lever down. Repeat 2 to 7 steps after 30 seconds, if another dose is required. Replace the cap.

13 thoughts on “How to Use Qvar Autohaler Asthma Inhaler

  1. After watching this video I discovered that my Dad was following a wrong method. It showed me the actual way of using it hence now I would be able to guide my Dad properly. Great initiative taken.

  2. Metered dose inhaler is a non breath actuated inhaler. This means that you need to sync your breathjing and actuation of the inhaler. Autohaler is a breath actuated inhaler. This means that the force of your breath will take the medicine inside. Additionally this eliminates the need for you to sync your breathing and actuation timing.

    Dr Jigna Shrotriya.

  3. I would mention that rinsing the mouth with water is an important step with this inhaler to prevent thrush or candidiasis

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