How To Use Steroid Cream | How To Use Steroid Ointment | How To Use Steroid Cream For Eczema (2018)

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Steroid creams in today’s video I’m
going to teach you what pharmacists learn to help patients use them safely
and to their full potential please leave a comment at the end of the video if you found any of this information helpful so topical steroids come in many
different formulations like creams, ointments and gels and different formulations are suitable for different areas of the skin topical steroids are used in conditions like eczema and dermatitis when the skin is red, itchy and sometimes blistered now in the medical world we call this inflamed but before we learn how to use our topical steroid it’s really important to mention that topical steroids are usually used in addition to your emollient so never stop using your emollient unless you’re told otherwise and that’s Nadia in the background to demonstrate I’m using an emollient cream so please don’t get confused that this is how you’re meant to use your emollients because emollients should be applied liberally and frequently so in this demonstration it’s only to demonstrate how you use a steroid cream or ointment use thinly now you’ll see that on your pharmacy label or on the information leaflet with your topical steroid but how little should you actually use? well it’s quite simple and we call it fingertip units and that’s the amount of topical
steroid squeezed from a normal 5mm nozzle from your first crease to the tip of your finger okay and I like to do it this way, so from the
bottom to the top because then you can kind of twist off, close your lids and that’s it, and that is a fingertip unit now that we have our fingertip unit this should cover an area two adult palms with fingers together so that’s how much it should cover each area that you’ll be applying the topical steroid to will have a recommended number of fingertip units so for example if I was applying the topical steroid to my hand the front and back of it the recommended number of fingertip units is one but let’s say you’re applying a topical steroid to the entire arm and hand of an adult now the recommended number of fingertip units for that is four and to see a full list of all the areas of the body and the recommended number of fingertip units I’ve left a great link in the description below which I highly recommend you read fingertip units also apply for children however much less is required because children are much smaller than adults and this information is also in the link provided in the description always wash your hands before and after you apply a topical steroid unless however the topical steroid is for your hand which then don’t wash it after you’ve applied it now let’s move on to some quick and useful tips tip 1 when applying creams or ointments always apply in the direction of hair growth if you apply against it you’re at risk of blocking your hair follicles and you may get an infection tip 2 if you’re using an emollient and a topical steroid first apply your emollient and wait about 15 minutes so it can absorb and then apply your topical steroids now I also made a video about paraffin based emollients and their fire risk a couple of months ago and I’d highly advise everyone to watch it so I’ve left a link in the description below feel free to check it out tip 3 which is the last tip short courses of topical steroids which are fewer than four weeks are generally safe with very few problems problems do start to develop though if you’re using topical steroids for a long period or you’re repeating short courses of strong steroids now I’ve left more information about this in the description below so feel free to read more about it lastly always read the information leaflet that comes with your medicines and if you have any questions ask your pharmacist, nurse practitioner or doctor about it and that’s it you’re now a topical steroid pro! let me know if you found any of my tips useful by leaving a comment below which ones you maybe never knew about and if you liked the video if you found it helpful then please hit that like button now hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos 5mm nozzle from your first crease to the end of your thinger, thinger! (LAUGHTER) before we learn the best way (DROPPING BOX SOUND) god these guys are so loud today oh is that thumbs up? (LAUGHTER) thanks then please hit that like button now leave it now (LAUGHTER)

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  1. Really love the video, feels great to watch your videos and really love the stuffs that you make at the end of the video. ✌☺ My question is – how does doctors keeps updated their concepts ?! as they know everything……!!!!

  2. sir I am using steroid creme from many years. only once are twice on a week. but I heard that using for a long term leads to cancer. I wanted to stop but my face again becoming black. give me a solution pleasee sir.

  3. Hello, can you explain why we should use our emollients first? Does any non-steroid lotion/cream/petroleum jelly count as an emollient? E.g. Physiogel cream vs Vaseline

  4. I’m using an cream to treat my 2 year old sons vitiligo. Because he is young he usually rubs it away. How long should it stay on for ?

  5. I used topical steroids for 14 years, I then got referred to a dermatologist and was told I should never have been prescribed them, I suffer from chronic eczema and dermatitis and I’ve been left with discolouration on patches of my skin! I’m on hydrocostoroids now

  6. If I accidentally scratch a scab off (small) at the area of my eczema should I still apply my ointment to that area of the open skin? It's a low steroid ointment btw.

  7. So, I want to start off saying that I struggle with red, itchy patches that form on my cheeks. My dermatologist prescribed rosacea creams that I cannot afford. I've had food allergy testing done, as well gluten intolerance–all results came up negative. I've tried different makeup, sensitive skin soaps, moisturizers, etc. None have helped. Now, I use a tiny smidge of 1% cortisone cream on my cheeks nearly everyday and it has helped TONS. I don't want to stop using it because it is the only thing that's worked for me so far. However, I've been told that long term use of cortisone cream causes thinning skin and it gets into the blood stream. What should I do?

  8. Hi Abraham. Thanks for sharing these information. I have used topical steroids for a long period and now i suffer from inducted steroids rosacea. I stopped using steroids for almost six months but my skin still gets flares up and inflammations. Can i use topical steroids when i get flares up for short period?

  9. Thank you for the video, it was very helpful.
    My doctor diagnosed: very mild rosacea(red bumps on my face) & prescribed: Metrogel, elidel cream, Retin-A 0.1%
    AM: 1-
    Wash gentle cleanser(Cerave); 2-metrogel (; 3-elidel cream; SPF 30
    PM : 1. Wash; 2. metrogel ; 3. elidel cream; 4. Retin A-0.1%; – 5. Moisture
    I used to apply retin -A 1/2 hr after wash, but she mentioned for PM after metrogel & eledel. Did not indicate about moisturizer right after wash. When I watched the video I found out that I should've used emollient such as moisturizer(Cerave AM or PM) right after wash. Please help me with this. Should I start w/moisturizer?

  10. I applied 'cosvate gm' cream then my face become too red and vulgar 😢
    My face become rough with small pimples… What should I do???

  11. Hi, I was wondering since you're a Pharmacist is it possible to buy over the counter steroid creams that can be used on your penis to treat tight foreskin? I saw my local GP the other day and she did bring up a name of a steroid cream you could purchase over the counter but I've completely forgotton the name, I was wondering what your input would be in this matter? Thank you!

  12. Q-Tips to avoid unnecessary skin contact and potential cross-contamination since washing your hands will only remove so much.

  13. Love your videos! I have a question please, I was using an acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide and it caused the skin on my face to become rough, slightly red, and peeling. I just put some cortizone 10 cream on the area after aloe Vera gel was unsuccessful. Is this okay?

  14. By using topical steroids for long period ,feels like got moon-shaped face as a side effects …. Any remedy for this??

  15. Please check these out if you have been applying steroids for a long time.

  16. fuk this steroid cream bullshit man, not only does it causes skin atrophy meaning it makes ur skin hella fuking thin over a long time but it creates a psychological sense of addiction and can cause severe emotional problems when not using it and it also makes ur skin more sensitive than it initially was. Therefore, it's better to not use it in the first place, spend the money on good food and exercise to increase ur dopamine to distract ur mind from scratch. Be in a cool environment to avoid scratching. Build this habit instead of building a bullshit modern killing habit of using a drug to falsely bring satisfaction.

  17. hi Abraham,can you tell me how long(minutes) we should apply and leave the steroids before dressup with clothes i have my back upper thighs …..please help me….iam from newzealand.looking forward to hear from you very soon.thanks

  18. Hi Abraham, I've got red itchy spots on both of my hands and cress of my elbows, I went to get it checked and the nurse gave me a steroid cream, so I used it for 2 weeks and the red spots went away but once I stopped using it they came back, how long am I meant to use them for in order for dermatitis to go away?

  19. I had been fighting eczema since I had been a teen and right after above Twenty years, I wasn`t able to handle this specific health problem. The problem still remained soon after asking countless health professionals as well as utilizing several advised creams that have just a short-term impact. I instantly tried using eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) for about thirty days, unexpectedly, the condition never appear for decades.. .

  20. I stumbled on this specific skin rashes guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) two winters ago when I had been suffering from a really undesirable eczema outbreak in the wrists and hands. Dry skin, irritation and redness were felt all over my hands and wrists. The guide is magic that really works. The guide ended up saving me from the problem of covering ice packs to my hands and wrists. You should try this. .

  21. I use dermovate ointment for my eczema on my hand its on 3 fingers. Do I leave it on for a specific time or do I need to wash away after 30 mins or so? As it's on my hand I struggled doing daily tasks like cleaning cooking and writing so what would be the recommended time before I can wash my hands to avoid contamination of the cream in my eyes food or keyboard etc?? Thanks


    I have vitiligo any tips it came on my face ( right cheeck )

    its been a year

    ive used protopic for 5 months and its helping

    suggest anything else

  23. I`ve got eczema for nearly all of my entire life; just a couple reddish colored patches in the crooks of my own elbows and also thighs. If my very first couple of days of applying it, I can observe my very own skin flakes. There is no longer inflammation right after working with this unique eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). Within the 4th time, I realize that my very own cheek don`t have any flakiness as well as the area has completely relieved..Soon after the 4th time of adhering to the manual, I recently found the flakiness to be eliminated and also the affected area now are treated. .

  24. Don’t listen to this video, they just want money! So many people are suffering from TSW because of steroids.

    You have no shame, stop teaching people the wrong thing!

  25. Having the worst steroid withdrawal symptoms and I have no idea what to. Where I'm from the dermatologists keep giving more steroids to fix my already steroid damaged skin. I can only dream about having nice normal skin

  26. Topical steroids killed a friend . 3 months she broke out also steroid indused phsyichosis. after she weaned off her adrenal glands shut down. hormones immune. they gave her hydrocortisone witch blew her up skin puffed up. she could not take the suffering and later died. many people end up with the immune atacking the body when it is supose to help.

  27. usually i zone out after 1min 🙈but u changed rooms so often it kept my attention!!🤣
    also thanks for teaching me the finger tip rule, never knew that😊ur also so cute haha😍

  28. Please can you explain if someone can apply topical steroid cream after or before fusidic Acid cream? How and what is the difference in timing to apply, please

  29. hi i have eyelid dermatitis which is very dry and red. i have been prescribed hydrocortisone but not been given clear instructions on how to use it. how many finger tip units of steroid cream can i use? thank you for your help 🙏😊

  30. Do not use steroid creams before you look up topical steroid withdrawal. I beg anyone reading this to listen to me. There are thousands of people around the world going through hell because of these drugs, myself included.


  32. Ever since I was an adolescent, I have this particular eczema, after I reached my Two decades of existence I still have this problem. The problem still persisted immediately after going to a number of medical professionals and also utilizing varied proposed creams that have only a temporary effect. The final option was to try out eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). In a month of using the guide, my ailment had better and never experienced this breakouts all over again for decades presently. .

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