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A nebulizer and air compressor can be used to deliver asthma medicine to the lungs through a wet mist. When using a nebulizer, begin by washing or sanitizing your hands. Twist open the top of the plastic medicine bile and then squeeze the medicine into the nebulizer cup. Make sure the cup is fastened tightly then connect the mask to the cup. Connect one end of the tube to the nebulizer cup and then connect the other end of the tube to the portable compressor. Hold the cup in an upright position to prevent spilling. Make sure the child is sitting in an upright and comfortable position, then use the elastic strap to secure the mask to the face. Infants, toddlers, and small children should sit in someone’s lap during the treatment. Make sure the mask fits well and comfortably. Turn on the machine and check for misting. The child should breathe normally through the mouth and nose during the treatment. Occasionally during misting, gently tap on the nebulizer cup. This prevents clogging and allows the medicine to flow smoothly through the tube. When the cup is empty, the nebulizer will begin to sputter. A complete treatment should take 5-10 minutes. Never wash the tubing. For specific cleaning instructions, refer to the manual. Contact your home health care company for replacement parts when needed.

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