How to use the Spiromax

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Hello my name is Liz and I am going to show
you how to use your inhaler (Spiromax). The information I am going to give you is
a quick guide. You should keep and read the instruction leaflet that comes with your
inhaler. First I am going to show you a few
important points about your inhaler. Then I will talk you through how to use it.
And then I will show you how to use it. At the end we will talk about how you
clean and store your inhaler. How you know when it is empty
and when to reorder another. What to do if you take too much or miss a dose. And what to do if going to the
hospital or clinic. It is important to take your inhalers regularly.
Some inhalers are given to prevent flare ups and can take days or more to work. When you get a new inhaler,
check the expiry date on the inhaler. And if expired take it back to the pharmacist. The inhaler has a dust cap. It is quite important
that this stays closed when your inhaler is not in use. When you open the dust cap up, the inhaler will click. That is normal. This will also reveal air vents.
You should make sure not to cover these. On the back there is a dose counter. Now I will talk you through how to use the inhaler
and then I will show you. To use the inhaler, open the dust cap fully. You will hear the click.
Breathe out, but not into the device. Put your lips around the mouthpiece and breathe in
hard and fast and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Like so. So I will show you from start to finish. After you have used your inhaler, wipe the
mouthpiece with a clean dry tissue. Close the dust cap.
It is really important that you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth to prevent voice
hoarseness and mild mouth infections. It’s really important that when you use this
inhaler you don’t fiddle with the dust cap, by opening and closing it. If doing this, the dose counter will reduce.
But do not worry, you will not receive an additional dose. You should store your inhaler away from
direct sunlight, frost or moisture. You should keep it somewhere that you
will remember to take it. If you forget to take your inhaler, then take it if you remember within an hour or 2. If it’s more than this, miss the dose
and get on track with the next dose. If you take too much of your inhaler, then
contact a health professional for advice. You will know when you need another inhaler. The dose counter counts from 120 downwards.
When it gets to 20, the numbers go red and you will know to put in a repeat prescription.
Do not over order inhalers because drugs can expire. If you are going to the hospital or clinic, take your inhalers with you
along with a repeat prescription.

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