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My name’s Liz and I’ve got
a respiratory condition, for which my practice nurse has
prescribed a Turbohaler. The information I’m giving you is a quick guide. You should read the instruction
leaflet that comes in the box. In this video I will show you the
important points of the inhaler, then I’ll talk you through how to use it, and then I’ll show you how to use it. At the end I’ll talk to you about
how I clean and store my inhaler, how I know when it’s getting empty, what I do if I accidentally miss a dose,
or if I take too much. And why it’s important for me to take my
inhalers to the hospital or clinic with me. Now I have 2 Turbohalers. I have a blue bottomed inhaler which is my reliever inhaler which I take
just whenever I need it. And for me that’s sometimes when I get
a bit breathless or wheezy, and that’s very occasionally. I also have a red bottomed Turboinhaler. Your Turbohaler might
have a different color, it’s a preventer just the same. And it’s really important that I take this
morning and night whether I need it or not. The reason being it’s been given to me to control my symptoms and to prevent flare-ups. If I only took it just when I’ve had a flare-up, well it wouldn’t prevent flare-ups in the first place. And what I’ve found since
taking my preventer regularly, I haven’t needed to use
my blue one as much. And I haven’t needed any steroid tablets,
which is really good. So my message to you is,
don’t suffer take your puffer. The Turbohaler is a dry powder inhaler. Which means the drug is in a powder,
which you can inhale into your lungs. Now the important points about the inhaler is,
this is the white dust cap. Which you twist and pull off. Here you have the mouthpiece. This is the middle bit, which you hold. And here we have the grip, which you
would turn to load the device. And here you have the dose counter. And I’ll talk more about that later. When I get a new inhaler, the first thing I do is check the expiry
date that’s on the bottom of the box. If it’s out-of-date,
you should return it to the chemist. When your inhaler’s new, there is a piece of cellophane
round the bottom. You can see the red arrows pointing down. To open the inhaler,
just pull the cellophane down. And pull it off. When your inhaler is new,
you have to prime it. To do this. What you do is twist
and pull the cap off. Hold the inhaler in the middle, holding it upright. It’s really
important that you hold it upright. And then turn the bottom all the way one way, and all the way the back.
CLICK You will hear a click. It doesn’t matter
which way you turn the inhaler. And then I repeat that.
So again, turning it one way, then the other way,
CLICK to hear the click.
And that’s your inhaler primed for use. When you’re using your inhaler day-to-day, you should use it at the same time every day. And you can take it with or without food. So I’m going to talk you through how to use it,
and the I’m going to show you how to use it. So when you’re using it you
should keep your neck in a neutral position. So just keep your head straight forward. You twist and pull off the cap. Hold the inhaler in the middle. Making sure the inhaler is upright. Turn the bottom of the inhaler all the way one way, and then all the way back ’til you hear a click.
CLICK That’s it ready. Then what I do, is I breathe out. But when I breathe out I make sure
I don’t breathe into the device. OK, just like this. EXHALES OK. After I breathe out, I put the inhaler in my mouth, and I breathe in quite deeply. And then I hold my breath for a count of 10,
and then I let my breath go slowly So I’m going to show you start-to-finish. Twist and pull the cap off. Holding the inhaler upright. Turn the bottom all the way one way. All the way back.
CLICK Breathe out, but not into the device. EXHALES INHALES EXHALES If I need to take another dose, I’ll wait about 30 seconds and then
I’ll do the same again. So. Holding again, upright. All the way one way,
all the way back.
CLICK EXHALES INHALES EXHALES And before I put the cap on, I just check the dose counter. Making sure that my device is not empty. And then I just replace the cap. So after I’ve used my inhaler, I brush my teeth and I rinse out my mouth
with some mouthwash. This is just to prevent side effects of the inhaler. Some inhalers can cause a wee bit of
thrush or voice hoarseness. So I just avoid that by brushing my teeth
and using a mouthwash. I clean my inhaler after each use. But you should clean it at least once a week. To clean it, twist and pull the cap off. Dry tissue, wipe the mouthpiece. Put the tissue in the bin. And just replace the cover. The Turbohaler has got to be stored
somewhere where it’s dry. It shouldn’t be stored somewhere
where it’s moist or wet. Personally I keep my Turbohaler
on my bedside table. That way I remember to use it
when I get up in the morning, and then go into the bathroom and
brush my teeth. And the same at night. If I forget to take my inhaler, I take it if I remember within an hour or 2. If more than this,
I just forget about that dose and get back on track with the next dose. I don’t double-dose
because I’ve missed a dose. If I accidentally turn the grip twice, then I just continue to take the inhaler as normal. The extra dose is dropped into a hidden chamber,
so you don’t double-dose. If I accidentally take more puffs
than what’s been recommended, then I would call a
health care professional for advice. I’ve done that once and
I contacted the pharmacist and she said as long as I was feeling
OK not to worry about it. I know when inhalers are getting empty,
because on the blue inhaler, a red line will appear, when there are 20 doses left,
and it’ll disappear when it’s empty. So when I see the red line,
I will put in a new prescription. On this inhaler there’s a dose counter. And it counts down. When it gets to 10 the numbers go red,
and then I know to put in a repeat description. It’s really important to take a note
of the dose counters because, when you shake the inhaler it might look as though
there’s some drug left in the inhaler. That is not drug, that’s just drying agent. So always go by your dose counter. The coloured grips will turn
even if there’s no doses left. So again, go by the dose counter. When I’m going to the hospital or clinic, I take my inhalers and a
repeat prescription with me. The reason being, is that the
health professionals usually want you to show them that you’re
using the inhalers properly. Also, sometimes they might not have
your inhaler in stock in the hospital. So that’s why it’s important to
take them wherever you go.

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  1. It says to turn the haler and turn it back until you hear a click. The inhalers I have used click on the first turn so this seems a bit confusing to me, could you possibly clear this up?

  2. Hello, Nice video, I want to make a question, If my Turbuhaler counter shows the red 0 , and I still inhaling ,It is dangerous?

  3. Sir I am using foracort inhalers with spacer and .can I switch. over to turbohaler as per earlier advice I was prescribed piece is already bought.please.advise Ravindran

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