How will Asthma UK research help children with asthma?

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a child goes to the hospital every 20 minutes because the last attack so intense is that one of the difficulty is particularly the young children is getting the subjective test that can confirm this child actually have asthma and the coffee other symptoms are not using something else a lot of children under the age of five up to a half can have wheezing or the symptoms of asthma but the difficulty is not knowing which of those children will actually go on to develop asthma about a third of them will go after their symptoms a third of them will go on to get asthma and a third of them may actually get into later on in adult life those uncertainties are the real things that parents and family struggle with the main thing is we need to improve their quality of life we need to get them to school we need to allow them to be able to do everyday things that all other children are able to do

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